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5 highlights of the Tata Steel Women of Mettle event at Jamshedpur: Swati Sharma

This program is a part of the MOSAIC initiative – a mission to boost diversity and inclusion by TATA steel leading to improved gender diversity in the workforce.

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4 Reasons an Event Professional must attend EEMAGINE 2019 : Swati Sharma

EEMA – Events and entertainment management association, which is the apex body for event professionals across the country, is all set to bring in the 2019 edition of EEMAGINE on 1st,2nd and 3rd August in Delhi.

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5 Work Ethics you must have as an Event Professional

Here are five important work ethics to keep in mind before starting your journey as an event professional.

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4 Top Marketing Tips For Event Artists: Swati Sharma

Any artist can relate to the feeling of discomfort around marketing one’s talent. Here are four top tips for marketing, especially recommended for event artists.

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EMCEEs - what you missed at EEMA Presenters Dialogue?

The event witnessed coming together of Event managers to discuss, ponder and unravel ways and practices that can help raise the bar of Talk.

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Master Blasters of Ceremonies: Our handpicked selection of India's hottest event emcees

Among the most integral roles at any event is undeniably that of its Emcee. It is no ordinary feat to have all eyes on you, yet remain quick on trigger, prepared for any curve balls that come out of nowhere (and frequently), stepping up with banter to fill awkward moments (also frequent), keeping guests entertained, improvising, all while sporting a million watt smile. Feeling the pressure anyone? EE puts the spotlight on a handpicked selection of 10 of India’s hottest ‘Master Blasters of Ceremonies’, who have perfected the art of 'hosting'; raising the bar daily, one stage at a time.

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