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MAD SQUARE WORX is here to create intelligent content for your brand that breaks through the clutter

The demand for digital content has grown exponentially and now is the time to claim your chunk of the pie.

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The struggles of creators in the digital space: Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng

Every influencer, at some point, ends up struggling for air in an ocean of haters and trolls because of their content, writes Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng

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CPM India executes 2nd edition of Talentrack Awards 2018

CPM India had partnered with Talentrack, an online talent hiring platform for media and entertainment industry, to host the second edition of Talentrack Award. The awards that honor and celebrate India’s digital content achievers. This is the second year that CPM has been organizing the awards.

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Viral content is the new fever chime digital experts at EEMAX 2016

EEMAX Global 2016 saw a panel discussion where there were six people and seven chairs. Mr. Atul Nath, director at Candid Marketing and the moderator of the session, elaborated to curious eyes, that it represented the consumer, who was of course, the most important part of the discussion. The viewpoint found resonation in the applause of the audience, and that may be called an apt start to a session on “what makes certain digital content go viral?”

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