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ICC Selects Sportradar As Data And Streaming Rights Partner

Partnership to help create untapped opportunities for the ICC to engage with its diverse and large fan base across the globe.

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Trends In Digital Transformation Strategy

Organisations need to strategise and see digital as a central and key channel for customer interactions and processes.

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The X-Factor In CX- Using Data For Improving Consumer Experience

Data is a very powerful tool and as long as it’s used responsibly with disclaimers for users to know what they are sharing, data can enhance their experience massively.

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Marketing and Brand in the new world of tech/data: Abhik Santara

Data-driven marketing facilitates more personalized content, which users show their appreciation for through increased engagement writes Abhik Santara, Director, ^Atom Network.

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How to grab consumers attention on social media: Amitek Sinha, COO, ET Medialabs

Amitek Sinha shares few techniques to grab consumers' attention on social media.

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