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Transformative Brand Activations: Experiential Insights

Everything Experiential speaks to industry veterans about their views on how brand activations materialise and leave a lasting impression, how the designs of the brand activations are aligned with the brand values and more

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Shobiz's Dive Into Exhibitions: Redefining Experiential Marketing

In an interview with Impact, Sameer Tobaccowala, Chief Executive Officer, Shobiz chats about expanding into exhibitions, and more

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Immersive Ambitions: Experiential Veterans Reveal Strategic 2024 Resolutions

In the dynamic realm of experiential marketing, where innovation and creativity reign supreme, these professionals are setting their sights on ambitious goals to propel their teams and operations to unprecedented heights, amongst the other resolutions that they have in mind for 2024

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Experiences May Not Be Always Measurable But Their Impact Is Undeniable

Sameer Tobaccowala, CEO Shobiz Havas, spoke to BW Applause and Everything Experiential about creating compelling brand experiences and more.

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2020: Lessons Learnt and Musings Made: Sameer Tobaccowala, CEO, Shobiz Experiential

The past 11 months have taught us lessons that, under "normal" circumstances would take a lifetime to learn, writes Tobaccowala.

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Shobiz Chairman, Rehmatali Tobaccowala, passes away at 83

Chairman Of Shobiz Experiential Communications, Rehmatali Ebrahim Tobaccowala, passed away peacefully on 7 October 2016 at the age of 83. A veteran from the events domain he was considered a torchbearer for his pioneering work over a period of 35 years.

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