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Noor Anand Chawla is Head Digital Content and Marketing for ShowCase Events. She contributes feature articles to various publications and writes on her blog She can be found on Instagram @nooranandchawla

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This Indian Single Malt Has Taken World Of Whisky By Storm

Goa-based Paul John Indian single malt whisky, manufactured by John Distilleries, has quickly made a name for itself around the country and abroad.

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Alternative Hip Hop Group GEN64 Releases an Upbeat Single – Comme Des Garcons

This track - their first with Surrey-based label Snakes x Ladders – was inspired by a pair of shoes from the iconic Japanese brand of the same name, which one of them happened to be wearing one day.

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From Packed Venues To Locked Venues, We Have Seen It All: Vikrant Batra On Cafe Delhi Heights' Completion Of 10 Years

Café Delhi Heights is an outcome of the positive attitude of our team, our consistency, and the unbounded love we have received from customers, says Vikrant Batra.

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I Have Always Used My Voice For A Living: Mihir Joshi On Juggling Many Roles In Entertainment Industry

One must be ready and willing to ride out the difficult times - consistency and quality is key, whether in the digital or physical model, says Mihir Joshi.

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Khanvict Releases Promising New EP ‘Escape’

Each of the six tracks on this EP hold their own, some through unique collaborations and others on the basis of their fresh sound.

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INSD To Host Virtual Open-Day Event For Its Luxury Brand Management Course

The International School of Design (INSD), offers a cutting-edge course on this subject, and will introduce their year-long program through an upcoming virtual open-day event to be held on 25-26 June.

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Indulge Your Dads This Father's Day With The Best Culinary Offers In Delhi

Everything Experiential rounds up the best on offer in Delhi, so your family has a memorable occasion without breaking the bank!

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Music Is Serious Business: Atul Churamani On The Future Of The Music Events Industry

The easy availability of music, difficulty in discovery, and lacklustre marketing of new acts, has led to a decline in the appreciation for the talent, says Atul Churamani, MD, Turnkey Music & Publishing.

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Pallavi Ishpuniyani's Single Offers A Fresh Take On The Classic ‘Sehreyan Wala’

The talented singer-songwriter has done it with élan in her latest single ‘Sehreyan Wala’ - a fresh retelling of the age-old Punjabi folk song and wedding favourite.

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Goa Brewing Co Brews Exclusive Indian Craft Beers

Suraj Shenai’s Goa Brewing Co. breaks all norms and expectations when it comes to the manufacturing of beer.

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