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"Wizcraft will take this edition of Crossword Book Award to another level"- Maulik Desai, Crossword Bookstores

While today Maulik Desai and his team will be hosting the 15th Raymond Crossword Book Award in association with Kotak at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, we explored an opportunity to speak to Desai, the head of Crossword Bookstores, on partnering with an event management company for the first time, what new will be introduced by Wizcraft this edition, and more. Excerpts:

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From Karol Bagh to Korea, emcee Sonam C Chhabra has made the world her stage

An incredible story of transformation fuelled by passion and hard work, emcee Sonam C Chhabra has come a long way through the vicissitudes of ordinary life in Delhi to the jet-setting lifestyle she enjoys today.

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5 gourmet event-caterers in Delhi that won’t break the bank

There's no denying that among the key attractions at any event is its food. Be it a wedding or a conference, the quality of food is invariably the most commonly discussed subject among attendees (If they are anything like us!). Goes without saying picking a caterer from the yellow pages could mean signing a death warrant for your event. Fret not, we've got you! Here's a fail-safe list of 5 gourmet catering companies in the capital that will leave your guests consumed with desire and not put a big dent in your wallet.

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The 8th edition will witness 5000 attendees- Yashraj Akashi, Curator, TedxGateway

Organizer of Tedx Gateway, Yashraj Akashi, refrains from terming it a conference and prefers to call it a confluence of diversified individuals coming together for one cause ‘To inspire and get inspired’. Ahead he speaks about the upcoming 8th edition of TedxGateway to be held on February 4, ’18 at Dome NSCI, Mumbai.

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Wedding wizards predict India's top 10 wedding trends of 2018

Indian weddings have come a long way over the past few years. With each wedding better than the last, the 'big' and 'fat' is making way for 'small' but 'intricate' and 'luxury' is metamorphosing into an entirely different meaning. Speaking of what's going to be trending this year, ahead we have five experts forecasting the top 10 wedding trends for 2018.

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Experts reveal the 10 biggest experiential marketing trends for 2018

With ‘experiential marketing’ gaining steady momentum across the globe, we wanted to talk to some experts in the events’ industry to highlight the major trends in experiential marketing for the year 2018. Ahead is a list of ten trends by 5 experts which will be revolutionising the marketing industry this year.

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We engaged 500 schools through IKFFI, thats 1 million+ children- Syed Sultan Ahmed, LXL Ideas

From the rationale behind organizing a film festival exclusively for kids to revealing his plans on engaging more with his audience, Syed Sultan Ahmed, the Managing Director at LXL Ideas, erstwhile Edumedia, sheds light on various aspects of organizing an event like the International Kids Film Festival of India (IKFFI). Excerpts:

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5 events that have enjoyed the most loyal sponsors

There are several factors that contribute towards an ideal event- sponsor relationship. While some relationships are brief and non-committal, some events have been fortunate enough to enjoy a long and steady partnership with its sponsors. Ahead, examples of 5 events which boast of the most loyal sponsors.

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6 events in India that have stood the test of time

Just over a few years ago avenues for entertainment were very few and restricted. Fast forward a decade and people are spoilt for choice! Literature, music, comedy, Bollywood or sports, whatever be your interest you can explore it with a likeminded community through various events and experiences. But this way was paved by some resilient folks who took a risk by investing in events that went on to become India's pride and glory. Ahead, we pay homage to six such events that have been going strong for at least over a decade. And if you still haven't attended these, now is as good a time as any to whip out that bucket list!

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EEMA to elect new President this month

Serving his second consecutive term as President of the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), Sabbas Joseph has announced that it is time for the new EEMA President who will be elected later this month. Commencing its 11th year in 2018, EEMA, an autonomous and non-profit registered body of companies, institutions, and professionals operating within the events and experiential marketing industry, has come a long way.

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