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I have completed my graduation from St. Xavier’s Kolkata and Master’s from University of Pune. The key to my heart lies in laughter. I like to explore- be it new cities, new cuisine, new subjects, languages, or sports. I am an avid reader and music-lover.

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Experiential platforms are our focus area- Vivek Srivatsa, Marketing Head, Tata Motors

Vivek Srivatsa took over as head of marketing for Tata Motor’s passenger vehicle business after Delna Avari decided to quit for entrepreneurial pursuits earlier this year. Incidently, May to September has seen a growth that is above average for the brand. Since Srivatsa’s appointment has been the only major change of variable, he could very well be the factor propelling this. We take a closer look at what might be in play, in conversation with the man himself.

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Vijay Nair, OML: Electric Daisy Carnival will be bigger than anything Delhi has ever seen

Only Much Louder, in collaboration with Insomniac and partnership with Budweiser, is bringing home the first ever Indian edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival on 12th and 13th of November, to be held at Buddha International Circuit, New Delhi. It is going to be Vegas live in the capital, as Vijay Nair, Founder and CEO, OML promises.

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Kartikey Sharma, founder, Pro Wrestling League: We will do 100 cr of revenue this year

35 countries, 50 olympians, and 20 olympic medalists in the first season! The Pro-Wrestling League is confident of generating 100 crores worth of gross revenue this year, a bold statement indeed. It has not been the easiest ride though. It is one thing to re-strategise cricket or football into a different format. It’s a different story to pick up a sport not as popular, and successfully break into a new market.

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From rock bottom, the only way is up- Sandeep Aggarwal, Shopclues & Droom founder

Courage does not always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow. The journey of Sandeep Aggarwal, founder of Indian ecommerce platforms, Shopclues and Droom, as heard at EEMAX Global conclave 2016 brings to mind this adage. Filled with twists and turns, it is a story of grit, innovation, dedication, and resilience, bound to be a source of inspiration for all who struggle with the daily crests and troughs of running a business.

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Viral content is the new fever chime digital experts at EEMAX 2016

EEMAX Global 2016 saw a panel discussion where there were six people and seven chairs. Mr. Atul Nath, director at Candid Marketing and the moderator of the session, elaborated to curious eyes, that it represented the consumer, who was of course, the most important part of the discussion. The viewpoint found resonation in the applause of the audience, and that may be called an apt start to a session on “what makes certain digital content go viral?”

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"Fight for what you think is right" asserts Arnab in riveting address at EEMAX Global

The beautiful profession of journalism does not merit neutrality. It is the power, the voice of the people to draw a rigid line between what is right and what is wrong. Grey area is not an option, and everything in life has to be brought down to a binary. It is an engrossed audience that experienced the feeling that goes behind creating a voice for the nation, as Arnab Goswami, Managing Editor-in-Chief, Times Now and ET Now addressed the house with his soulful energy at EEMAX Global Conclave on 18 October 2016.

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Experiential industry on the crest of a wave, profess experts at EEMAX Global 2016

At the grand auditorium that hosted the EEMAX Global Conclave 2016, Sabbas Joseph, Founder of Wizcraft International and President of EEMA kicked off the second day of the conclave with an inspirational address explaining that the world waits to be explored, but is only separated by a glass wall. In order to take a leap into that world, the event industry must organize, collaborate, co-exist and co-learn.

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All you missed at EEMAX Global: Day 1

EEMAX Global, the annual conference of the event industry, kicked off yesterday at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai. It saw through its first day with a distinctly jubilant air, as the event community let their hair down, following a day of interactive sessions with industry experts. The venue was alive with tinkles of laughter and animated chatter fairly prior to starting time, and it was a happy audience that joined in to the national anthem, which preceded the opening session.

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Get blown as 'The Survival Billboard' comes to life at EEMAX

One of the most successful campaigns of the year, the survival billboard was brought to life by the Momentum group, the total brand experience agency, and therefore who better to hear about it than from Chris Weil, the CEO and Chairman, himself! Where? At the EEMAX Global Conclave, 18th of October at Mumbai's Sahara Star!

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Josy Paul will be at EEMAX Global and here's why you want to attend...

Josy Paul, Chairman of BBDO India, does not believe in big ideas. He believes in small ideas that are easy to take on, and therefore have the potential to get magnified into a big movement. And this reflects in the BBDO India campaigns, which deliver the promise of actions over words. He will be speaking at EEMAX Global on 17 October at Sahara Star Mumbai, and here’s why you would want to attend…

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