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I have completed my graduation from St. Xavier’s Kolkata and Master’s from University of Pune. The key to my heart lies in laughter. I like to explore- be it new cities, new cuisine, new subjects, languages, or sports. I am an avid reader and music-lover.

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Men changing the face of Pune: Vijay Nair, Karan Singh, Saugato Bhowmik

The former seat of the Peshwas, and the Governor’s monsoon retreat during British rule, Pune came into fame on acquiring the position of the 2nd smartest city in present India. Besides the lavish green surroundings and fantastic weather, it also boasts of long wide roads, fast growing industry, active nightlife, a thriving student community and a commendable safety standard. And tapping all this to their advantage are the three young kingpins of music festivals- Vijay Nair, founder, NH7 Weekender, Karan Singh, CEO, Sunburn and Saugato Bhowmik, business head, Supersonic.

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Many venues in Mumbai but none with more personality than Dome: Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome

This year in September The Activation Venues Forum marked the congregation of experience activists to address the concerns regarding suitable venues. At this juncture, where experiential venues are important and scarce, Dome, at NSCI Mumbai with its 100,000 sq. ft, area, is on several event planners’ radar. Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome@NSCI, shares some salient features of the Dome, which is a beginning for his vision to create a venue for India, iconic to the extent that Dome becomes synonymous when you think of the city, state, then country.

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In INR 536 Cr we have developed a panacea for sport and entertainment events- Udit Sheth, TransStadia

MD and CEO at TransStadia, Udit Sheth's vision to build a multi-use facility in the country that was able to house various sports and events came to fruition with the launch of The Arena by TransStadia. Christened on 7th October 2016 in Kankaria in Ahmedabad with Kabaddi World Cup 2016, TransStadia's long term objective comes with a belief that India can emerge amongst the global frontrunners in sports. Excerpts of our conversation with Udit Sheth:

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We've gone from 300 to 13000 attendees in 10 years: Cecilia Oldne, Sulafest

The 10th edition of the Sulafest is due to happen on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of February, in the Sula Vineyards, near the city of Nashik in Maharashtra. The gourmet music festival presented by Sula, India’s known winery is a 3-day indulgence of music, food, wine and shopping amidst scenic surroundings. We explore more with Cecilia Oldne, VP Marketing, Sulafest.

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Puma India & Toast Events: Working in tandem for a strong experiential proposition

Puma India has taken strongly to experiential as a marketing strategy to engage consumers and build brand recall. “Experiential marketing has always been very key to us. We want our consumers to experience the brand and not just buy it or wear it. There’s a lot of heart and soul that goes into Puma and we want to communicate that,” said Abhishek Ganguly, MD, Puma India.

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5 event service providers narrate their most memorable accounts

Events are brought together by teamwork. Starting from invites, to sound, lighting, stage, food, photography and presentation, a production is only made successful with seamless integration of multiple services. Each of these areas have the potential to make or break the occasion. Five leading service providers narrate personal expereinces that made them swell with pride.

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Young lit fest GIFLIF preps to play major league

Great Indian Film and Literature Festival (GIFLIF) will be celebrating its 3rd edition, in DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon from 2nd to 4th of December. We speak with Karan Kukreja, Divank Rastogi and Amit Sinha from GIFLIF team as they prepare for their innings in the big league.

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Seeking event expertise, resourcefulness, readiness, time-management: Girish Shah, The Wadhwa Group

Achieving a high percentage of brand recall, while skirting ad fatigue is the biggest challenge for the brand marketer today. Fighting for screen time, to impress an attention-deficit generation of consumers is proving to be a more Herculean task every day. Experiences, on the other hand, promise to make the task considerably smoother. All industries are therefore turning their attention towards exploring experiences. Real estate is one of them. If you thought, the practical world of brick and concrete, would not associate with finer sensory appeals, rethink!

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Sunburn CEO, Karan Singh, confirms Pune as new venue, says city officials are in raptures

After nine years at the beachside, Sunburn is announcing its 10th edition in the hills. Yes, it is confirmed, Sunburn is not happening in Goa this year but in the hi-tech, millennial-town of Pune.

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Differentiation, costing and turnaround time are defining the benchmark- Nazneen Karimi, CEO, Percept ICE

2016 has been a year of evolution and growth for the events industry, ‘immersion’ being the key area of focus. Brand marketers are now expecting holistic 360-degree concepts and ideas based on innovative, creative and customized storytelling. Nazneen Karimi, CEO, Percept ICE talks about the instrumental factors that are set to influence the world of events.

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