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Art Of Events: How PM Modi Turned A Routine G20 Meeting Into An Extraordinary Global Show

With 200 meetings in 58 cities, the government converted the summit into a people’s event which no previous G20 presidency has done

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Without Storytelling, We Just Become Announcers

Read this exclusive interview with Khyati Kava as she speaks with EE about the world of emceeing

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We Are Deeply Dedicated To Responsible Tourism

Read this exclusive interview with Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO of Waterways Leisure, Cordelia Cruises.

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Validation Is Good But It's Not Everything, I Had To Live Up To A Certain Standard

Get ready to dive into the world of event hosting and discover the secrets behind their success, memorable moments, and valuable insights with Freishia B

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Uniting Cultures Through The Universal Love Of Food

Sumitt Wahall, Cheif Operating Officer of True Palate Cafe gives industry insights in this exclusive Interview with EE

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My Vision Is To Create Iconic Brands That Connect With Consumers Across The Globe

Read this exclusive interview with Amit Dahanukar, Chairman and Managing Director of Tilaknagar Industries

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"We Are Known As The McDonalds Of The Trophy Industry" - Parag Anand

Parag Anand, Managing Director at Benson Awards and Trophies, provides insights into the trophy industry in this exclusive interview with EE.

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We Believe In Bonds That Go Beyond The Digital Realm

Read this exclusive interview with Divya Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer, Impresario

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I Will Call My Journey-Luck By Chance

In our first interview of this series, we look at the professional journey of Ravin Kundu and what makes him among the most sought-after emcees in the country today

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INTERVIEW: Rituraj Khanna on his new book '-Stress-Free Wedding Planning'

Summary: Khanna spoke to EE about his new book and the evolving landscape of Indian weddings

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