Neelima Mishra

The author is a trainee journalist with BW Businessworld.

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Wedding Planners Who Don’t Recommend ‘Wedding Insurance’ Are Misleading You. Here’s why?

Everything you need to know about wedding insurance and experts’ views on the topic

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We Expect To Cross Rs 1000 Cr Turnover This Year: Vaibhav Saraf, Director, Aishhpra Gems & Jewels

Saraf recently spoke to BW Applause and Everything Experiential about the current state of the jewellery industry and his vision for the group

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Event Crashers: Here’s How To Identify Them

Here are some traits to look out for while spotting event crashers

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Are Virtual Events Losing Their Charm?

While virtual or hybrid events have become essential formats, but with the physical events opening up, many people are raising questions about their impact and engagement

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How Convenience And Cost Is Replacing Rituals In Indian Weddings

Read what industry leaders have to say about millennial wedding trends

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How Can India Develop Itself As The Leading Country For Hosting Business Events?

Here are some key highlights from a recent report on how India can catapult to the global stage as far as international business events are concerned

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Jury All Set To Meet For The 5th Edition Of BW Applause Experiential Marketing Awards On 23rd July

The Jury chair for this year’s BW Applause Experiential Marketing Awards is Bhaskar Sharma, CEO, Red Bull India

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Curating Eco-Friendly Weddings– Are Indian Wedding Planners Doing Enough?

Here are five eco-friendly wedding ideas that will inspire you to curate a more environmentally friendly celebration

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Experiential Marketing: What willl stick in our minds as we think back on 2020 and 2021?

By establishing an honest and relatable connection with your audience through experiential marketing, you may increase recognition for your company and client loyalty

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I Want To Make India Proud –Sini Shetty

Shetty spoke to BW Applause and Everything Experiential post her win

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