Women Of Today- The Changemakers Of Society

Businesswomen in India have steered the prospects of some high-profile companies towards profitability under their leadership.


In 21st century India, one can proudly testify that women entrepreneurs are no longer a rare & ambiguous phenomenon. While exemplary women leaders like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Indra Nooyi paved the way for women to come forward and claim their positions in the boardrooms, a few decades ago, however at present, women in India have taken up entrepreneurship on every scale possible from time immemorial. Businesswomen in India have steered the prospects of some high-profile companies towards profitability under their leadership.

Aashita Chadha, Co- Founder & CFO at “The KariGhars”

In the times gone by, women’s work was seen as less important, breadwinning was the work that was praised and considered to add true value to the character of a woman. However, the current scenario has changed by leaps & bounds. The existing gender norms and dichotomies are challenged & visible progress is being made as companies are making big changes in the name of women empowerment. Maternity leave has been made mandatory for new mothers with the security of return to the same designation. Additionally, I can see that big MNCs are giving new fathers an opportunity to take paternity leave. Parenthood is no longer relegated only to women. Working and being successful in my professional while balancing it with my personal life and family is a testament to the fact that women are more than just a pretty face to do household work!

Sujata Chitalwala, Principal Designer at “Designers Group”

Having more than 3 decades experience of managing an architectural & design firm, I consider women to be an important part of the community, and with the ever-evolving world around us, I feel that the contributions of women are being appreciated & recognized. However, It is not easy to develop a firm. Nevertheless, the challenges withstood by women entrepreneurs are often substantial and extraordinary when compared to the ones faced by their male competitors. The potential of women entrepreneurship has been more focused through government entreat to boost economic growth while alluring more women towards new ventures. Despite the evident benefits of women speculators in the economic sector, the potential of the women entrepreneurs sector has not been unshackled.

Shaily Ganatra, Interior Designer & Founder at “The Auura Interior Design Studio”

The world of interior design is full of female entrepreneur examples that have left an enormous impact on the state of affairs around the globe. These women are icons of empowerment, and discussing their success is an important way to celebrate their victory in the face of endless obstacles. Talent and virtues are now being recognized widely and tangible steps towards equality- pay or respect, are being taken by mindfully promoting gender equality in workplaces. Uncountable women-led firms are reaching new heights with the right kind of leadership & vision. Fewer men now question the competency and qualification of women and accept the charge of leadership above them. In fact, they also generously lend a helping hand & seem to be more open for professional collaborations. The problem to overcome has more to do with the social mindset that one has, rather than the AEC industry alone.

Himani Ahuja, Ceo & Founder at “One Digital”

As an Architect & Communications Specialist, I believe that this is a conducive time for all, not just women, to ascend into leadership roles & make a positive difference. The AEC & Communications industry has an abundance of talented women who are poised and prepared to take up such roles. Business results and statistics have proved that having a stable leadership team makes for better business growth. With a female-dominated team, I ensure creative flexible opportunities in Communications while looking at a more gender-inclusive environment. The lingering traditional mindset of a woman’s role in India is heading towards a massive change with the dynamic rise of women in ranks.

The reasons may vary for each individual, from ambition to necessity, albeit most women started off with the need to manage their hearth and homes. The women of today are no longer in a need-based environment, instead, they are fearlessly taking the lead in entrepreneurship. It is now a matter of choice and they are no longer restricting themselves to certain sectors but their skill and ingenuity span across sectors - from architecture, design, hospitality, communications, tourism et al. Though women across the globe have been underrepresented in most segments of professional and corporate life, they are indeed picking up fast and now becoming the changemakers of society.

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