Why most Indian brands need to wake up and smell the coffee?

Unless you are promoting Apple, nobody will buy a product or service just because you are telling them that you are the best brand and you deserve them, writes Agam Chaudhary, CMO, Digitalabs.


So your brand is focused on ‘creating revolutionary digital milestones’ and have been well-acclaimed as ‘a pioneer of digital marketing training in Pune’?

Good for you!

Can I tell you a secret? Nobody cares!

Nobody cares how your brand has helped launch 54372 products and have created a staff with over 40 years of average expertise. It is nothing but noise to people unless there is something in it for the consumer!

What most people actually care about is- How does it benefit me?

So you are getting the best in class technology? Great! 30% off your first purchase? Impressive! A free cupcake in your new neighborhood salon? Awesome!

While people will nod with a solemn impressed look at the lineage of a company which has stood the test of time, it is alarming, and almost ruthless, how a 10% beginners discount or a free shipping is all that it takes to get a better response out of the customers than the brand values ever will!

Why exactly is that so?

What is it that actually drives corporate brand preference?

Answer-A happy mid-ground of branding, delivering and connecting!

Of course, the brand has to ‘brand’, but it also has to deliver, which not-so-surprisingly speaks louder than the branding exercises. Also, the brand needs to connect to the customer to ensure brand loyalty and relatability.

Unless you are promoting Apple, nobody will buy a product or service just because you are telling them that you are the best brand and you deserve them. They will check what you are bringing to the table. How you are empowering them and how you are making their lives better.

The benefit-based mentality can be for more suited for rushed instant gratification (freebies, free upgrades, discounts, and cash-backs) or long-term gratification (loyalty points, VIP membership perks,etc.)

The benefits can also be more about convenience-centric, as most food joints brands do (think rush-hour sales, happy hours, or the free breakfast muffin!), which makes the brand appear ‘thoughtful’.

Is the whole benefit-centric approach a little shallow and conveniently skims over the larger picture, the bigger values, and the overall intent of a brand? Maybe yes! But all the brands are doing this! They are layering benefits upon benefits for their consumers, and if you don't do it, you might be falling behind.

Today’s consumer group instantly gravitates towards the next shiny thing. The options are clear.

Be the next shiny thing. Provide benefits that they appreciate.

Or be irreplaceable. Unquestionable. A name that they don't need to be convinced for!

Usually, it is a necessary right of passage through the first to reach the second. Until then, keep shining!

(The article is written by Agam Chaudhary, CMO, Digitalabs-Digital Wing of Laqshya Media Group )

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