What does papa CJ’s newest act have in common with an onion?


Besides actual layers of clothing, one of India’s commended offerings to stand up comedy, Papa CJ, strips down on several levels for his audience in his latest act- Naked.

However the term ‘Naked’ has a different meaning all together for Papa CJ. The show is actually an attempt by the performer to bare himself to the audience, literally, and symbolically by stripping his apprehensiveness and displaying his vulnerabilities, and in such way introducing his fans to a new dimension of his personality.So to answer the question- Whats common between Papa CJ Naked and an onion? Well, lots of layers. And you are likely to cry.

To start from the beginning of his performance, Papa CJ has to be credited for the fact that he gets his audience on the hook the minute he takes to the stage. The first half of the show is loosely devoted to jokes based on the comparison between generations. A word of caution to the young audiences-you may want to be seated somewhere towards the back. I learnt that lesson the hard way.

Unlike most stand up comedy acts that have been performed lately this one is not just a mix bag of jokes one after another. It is instead, different elements of CJ’s life woven together in a compelling story that will evoke not just humor but a whole new set off unexpected emotions. The audiences are left to wonder at the beginning,the ‘Family appropriate quotient’ of the show as CJ begins to take off layer after layer as he shares his personal intimate experiences. However it is towards the second half of the show when Papa CJ makes you realize that he has truly enveloped you in his life journey and the audience is now a part of it too.

It is not easy to walk down the miseries of a break-up in front of thousands but Papa CJ does it with an unconventional ease and comfort. CJ appeared unabashedly unrestrained on the stage often taking the high road to ensure the audience is getting its moneys worth. Surprisingly,it is the not the jokes that stay with you after 60 minutes of solid comedy, it is CJ and his life journey that makes you stand up and applaud as the comedian begins to leave the stage after a tear jerking narrative.

Is Papa CJ Naked the best comedy act to be presented in the country? Well maybe not. But since it straddles the genres of theater, storytelling and stand-up comedy, its unique and memorable concept sure does make for a refreshing experience.

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