Wedding wizards predict India's top 10 wedding trends of 2018

Indian weddings have come a long way over the past few years. With each wedding better than the last, the 'big' and 'fat' is making way for 'small' but 'intricate' and 'luxury' is metamorphosing into an entirely different meaning. Speaking of what's going to be trending this year, ahead we have five experts forecasting the top 10 wedding trends for 2018.


Bhavnesh Sawhney

Director at Wedniksha Wedding Planners Pvt. Ltd.

1. Simplicity: Simplicity will be back in a very big way this year! Emphasis will be on detailing smaller décor elements, adding beauty to the little things.

2. Westernization: There is westernization of Indian weddings, in a very big way. 2018 will bring in more greens and rustic themes. Earthy tones will rule in this scenario along with hues and tints of pastel shades. More attention will be paid to intricacies of smaller elements vis-a-vis eye catchy elements. The neutral colors are stylish choices that will be popular all year round. 


Aarti Mattoo

Director at Momentum Experiences & Events LLP

3. Off-beat color combinations: Brides are adapting to unique and off-beat color combinations for styling their events and costumes both. Teal with mustard yellow, purple with citrus orange/coral will be welcomed for a fresher look this year.

4. Luxurious/up-scale destinations: High-end families are preferring well-planned luxurious destination weddings over local setups and in my opinion, this trend will be embraced in a lot of wedding ceremonies in 2018.


Vandana Mohan

Founder of Wedding Design Company

5. Eco-friendly weddings: Nowadays, millennials are getting eco-friendly, focusing more on recycling, and are motivated by craft and design. Thus the revival of craft and the cottage industry would be witnessed this year. Heritage is something that is permanent and never goes out of fashion. Also, sustainability today is important. And thus, this trend is going to be big in 2018.

6. Promotion of young talent: One trend in wedding themes and decor that would be encouraged in 2018 would be promoting new and young talent in the performing arts. According to me, younger artists should be given a platform to shine and this as a trend would be big in 2018.

Rajeev Jain

Managing Director at Rashi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

7. Destination Weddings: ‘Destination Weddings’ is the hottest topic in town! With time we are seeing that people are opting for cities like Jaipur and Udaipur more over metro cities for their weddings. Also, places closer to home like Antalya and Thailand will be preferred more over domestic destinations. 

8. Punjabi songs: If we talk about entertainment, then the popularity of Punjabi songs over other genres of music in a wedding ceremony cannot be missed. Punjabi playlists at weddings would be seen as a huge trend this year.

Dipti Shah

Founder at White Salt Entertainments

9. Metallics: Venues decked out with vintage over the top centerpieces, filament lights or light strings and a touch of pink and plenty of green ferns. And, we are looking at a tall 5 layer metallic wedding cake with gold and fresh flowers, which would definitely be one of the hottest trends in the year 2018. 

10. Intimate family brunch/dinner settings just a day before the wedding: Brides are always looking to curate the finest and most personalized experiences for their families before they move out. One could expect winter morning brunch settings in the garden or dinner settings with unplugged music with personalized cutlery in silver, also making up for wedding souvenirs. 2018 is the year of high levels of personalization and simple yet unique attempts to create experiences.  

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