Wedding Trends to look out for in 2021: Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations

Bhavnesh Sawhney shares some of the top wedding trends that will be prominent in the year 2021.


2021 is just around the bend, and for most of us it’s the most awaited year in our lifetimes. After the long halt in the Indian wedding Industry this year, we are longing to burst out of our cramped shells and get back to work. Expecting 2021 to get the snowball rolling to the Big Fat Indian Weddings happening once again, we understand it will be a slow process than we wish. Nevertheless, we are very excited and want to share the spark with you too for the trends you should expect from the New Year!

The wedding day is the most important date for the couple and rather than trying to wing it all, its better to plan every detail ahead of time. 2021 is going to be all about planning the tiniest details and making them personal in anyway possible. From the colour to the theme, the floral decoration to the personalised safety kits & gifts, making everyone involved with your special day is the best way to tiptoe into the new year. Kicking off with small and intimate celebrations, calls for lots more personalisation. Even your simple mandap set up can make a statement at your wedding.

The colour pantone for this year is going to be all about the champagne gold, hues of papaya orange and marigold yellows, burgundies, sage green, dusty blues and the modern rustic shades of grey.

Small is the new big! When it comes to planning words like private, small and intimate resonate with us now more than ever. When Pinterest boards are made, look for more things personal, small and special.

Go vocal for local, became an especially big was a big hit for the smaller capped events that did take place in 2020, and we are elated to see the creativity it brings up in 2021 as well. Thinking bigger with this campaign at your wedding, from using recycled paper décor, cane baskets with flowers as décor elements around the venue, upside down wicker baskets for lighting and even reusing flowers or donating them would be a great idea.

Al fresco venues are the go-to venues for weddings. The traditional banquets and ballrooms are soon becoming a thing of the past, Scenic outdoor venues with the minimal and simplistic décor are going to be the dreamy theme of the year.

High tech weddings picked up in 2020 and is here to stay in 2021, some even say it might stay around a long time. In the current times, it plays a phenomenal role. Bringing down costs, to keeping the safety of all at the foot front, but still giving way to being able to celebrate with your out of country guests that are unable to travel, zoom weddings will continue its way into the New Year.

Local destinations or those around your home town are going to see more wedding crowd footfall than ever. Couples are looking for offbeat venues and resorts which are easy to travel to and also adhering to the governments travel regulations. Many who have farm houses or holiday homes are turning them into their wedding venue to add the overwhelming emotion.

The attire is one of the most exciting fraction for the couple, doing away with the standard maroon heavy bridal outfits for the brides and the black suits for the men, the New Years fashion trends will bring in eccentric-coloured outfits. For the groom, suits in greys, beige and blue are becoming very popular and for the bride’s dusty blues, oranges and blush pinks are the favoured colours.

Food is one thing the guests look forward to the most when attending a wedding, and with a small intimate crowd, we are going to see more sit-down style dinners, individual serving portions and themed drinks to go with the vibe.

The wedding furniture is more about having fun and splurging colour and excitement. While overlays and tiebacks on the wedding furniture is almost history, customised chairs and tables is a great way to make a statement without adding extra elements. In these times, where small is the new big and less is always more, rich looking classy chairs, couches, sofas and poufs and even mixed seating is here to stay.

Last but not the least, wedding gifts are an exciting part for everyone, the hosts always want something unique and conceptualised gifts and they absolutely love getting new ideas for it. Since this is the time for all things intimate, we will continue to see a growth in personalised gifts and safety kits. Customised concept experiences are gaining popularity like gifting elements of the wedding décor that can be used as home décor, or personalised items for your guests are some of the ideas that are sprouting out.

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