Wedding Season Sees Demand For Banquet Halls Jump By 68% & For Jewellers By 43%: Report

Mumbai topped the demand for wedding jewellers and banquet halls across the country, followed by Delhi & Hyderabad


After two years of low-key celebrations due to COVID restrictions, this year’s wedding season sees a rise in demand (YOY) for a wide range of wedding services with searches for banquet halls being up by 83 per cent, caterers by 57 per cent, and wedding jewellers by 44 per cent, says the latest Justdial Consumer Insights report.

Overall demand on Justdial for wedding services, comprising of banquet halls, caterers, decorators, DJs, event organisers, wedding jewellers, tailors, Mehendi artists, pandits, photographers, matrimonial bureaus, and wedding bands, saw a 30 per cent jump across India’s 1000 towns and cities. This demand was primarily accentuated by Tier-II cities that saw a 48 per cent rise in demand, and in Tier-I cities it was 22 per cent. 

Commenting on the consumer trends during this wedding season, Prasun Kumar, CMO, Justdial said, “We are witnessing a surge in demand during this wedding season as India reportedly will see 32 lakh weddings in a period of next 30 days. The last two years have been difficult for wedding services due to restrictions on marriages due to COVID. Weddings have been a big driver for India’s gig economy, and it is encouraging to witness that demand is rising fast in Tier-II cities. Demand for wedding services in Tier-II cities is now 2X vis-à-vis Tier-I and it augurs well for the economy at large. It also reflects the fact that businesses of all hues even in Tier-II towns and cities are now getting online to maximise their reach and enhance their business.”

Amongst wedding services, jewellers, banquet halls, decorators, photographers, and caterers, were the top-5 services that saw maximum demand and contributed to almost 60 per cent of the searches related to wedding services on the platform.  

For wedding jewellers, Mumbai topped the demand across the country followed by Delhi and Hyderabad. Searches in Tier-I cities rose by 29 per cent, while Tier-II cities witnessed a jump of 44%. Among Tier-II cities, Jaipur led the demanding race followed by Surat, Rajkot, Chandigarh, and Coimbatore.

Demand (YOY) rise for banquet halls was the highest across all wedding services as it saw a 68 per cent rise in searches in India. Among Tier-II cities, this demand rose by 83 per cent, and in Tier-I cities by 46 per cent. Mumbai topped the searches for banquet halls and contributed to almost 27 per cent of the demand in Tier-I cities followed by Delhi and Chennai in second and third place respectively. Coimbatore, Surat, Nagpur, Lucknow, and Patna were the top 5 Tier-II cities that saw maximum demand for banquet halls.

Searches for decorators jumped by 31 per cent with Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru driving maximum demand among Tier-I cities. The demand in Tier-II cities was up by 43 per cent with cities like Chandigarh, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Surat driving maximum traction.

Demand for wedding photographers rose by 23 per cent in the country with searches in Tier-II cities being 2.3X of that in Tier-I cities. Mumbai and Delhi contributed to almost 50 per cent of the demand generated by Tier-I cities. Chandigarh, Lucknow, Patna, Rajkot, and Coimbatore were the top 5 Tier-II cities with the maximum demand for wedding photographers.   

Searches for caterers went up by 31 per cent with Tier-II cities outstripping Tier-I cities in terms of demand. Tier-II cities saw the demand going up by 31 per cent and Tier-I cities by 57 per cent. Bengaluru, topping the list, had the highest demand for caterers followed by Mumbai and Delhi among Tier-I cities. Among Tier-II cities, Jaipur, Lucknow, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, and Ernakulam were the top-5 with the maximum demand for caterers.

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