We Are The Magicians, The World Is Our Canvas

Let’s continue the good work we all do and make our clients super happy, writes, Rituraj Khanna


We were brooding for two full years- we all know why, so let’s not rewind and move on with our lives.

Let’s aspire to make 2023 more memorable.  Pray that we stay safe, pray hat we deliver mind blomind-blowingto to our clients, and let’s make the coming year more festive- let’s all get together and make this a more loving world.

“When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.”

I have become fascinated by the idea that it’s really achievable to make two or three small improvements in a week and by the end of the year, it’s 150 improvements.

Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, a little more loving, and have a little more empathy, and maybe, next year at this time we’d like each other a little more.

So? let’s continue the good work we all do, and make our clients super happy, the world is open now and hopes it stays like this- we are magicians, and the world is our canvas- let’s hold each other's hands, we all need joy and fun, let’s step into 2023 with positive vibes and loads of love for each other- Amen

Rituraj Khanna is the Chief Executive Officer of the Q Events Pvt. Ltd.

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