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A large chunk of a marketing journalist's time goes into scouting for some of the most innovative experiential campaigns across the world. Hence, a lot of time you can catch us talking about how an experience driven marketing plan for a consumer has to be very innovative in order to engage them. But at times, even we fail to understand that experiences are subjective and there are different things & elements that appeal to different target audiences.

The Bazaar Activity is an initiative by Vodafone Delhi to reach out to its existing and prospective pre-paid base targeting the lower echelon of Delhi population by engaging them in activities which reward and acknowledge the support the customers. The name of the activity ‘Vodafone Bazaar’ brings in the element of a marketplace beyond just telecom services, products, associated activities and provision of household goods to help Vodafone establish a deeper connect with the audiences.

The concept of the Bazaar is simple, a flashy and inviting stall is set up in a busy market. Passerby's are motivated to come and understand the features Vodafone is offering through the bazaar, get direct sim activation and recharges done, have photographs clicked with Vodafone zoo-zoo standees, get rewards in form of consumable goods and also participate in the lucky draw.

The 8th Vodafone Bazaar was organized yesterday near Nizamuddin Station in Delhi and for those of you who think that the activity is too simple to churn out a massive change in minds of consumers need to understand that the success of this experiential initiative by Vodafone roots back to its ideation itself.

The first point that works in Vodafone's favor here is the Strategic Location; since the festival of Chatt is on going currently, the bazaar was able to target floating population from nearby areas which increased their outreach than usual. Secondly, the brand encouraged people to visit them through the concept of 'Buniyadi', which involves brand advocates creating recall value through microphones and persuasion. Thirdly, the Vodafone Bazaar had something to offer for every age group. Be it Vodafone zoo-zoo cartoon for the kids on TV, or a photo opportunity and direct printout for the family, engaging offers  for the users and rewards in forms of necessities were more than sufficient elements to engage the audience Vodafone had set out to target with the activity.

As a result anyone who participated in the bazaar had a reason to be happy about. Talking about it Ramkishore Jha (48) says, "I am very happy as the offers are really good. I had always heard about Vodafone but never tried it. I was on my way to buy some sugar when i saw this stall and now i have a Vodafone connection with low call rates and got a packet of Sugar as a reward. I am enthralled."

Rajni (22) said, "I have not seen any other brand doing an activity like this for us. I use Uninor currently and i am not happy with the call charges and sudden balance deduction. With this activity this is the first time a brand has come to me and i am happy with it. I got a photo clicked too and will also have one done with my family tomorrow. I hope Vodafone continues to surprise us like this."

Interestingly, the most beneficial part of the activity was that by providing exciting offers to this segment of audience Vodafone was able to make maximum conversions from different telecommunication brands to its benefit. Its strongest competition Airtel has a 24% share in the particular market but has not retained its customers with an activity like this and hence had its customers converting rapidly to make the best out of the offers.

With an estimated 800-1000 people reach out with every edition of the activity. It would be safe to say that Vodafone Bazaar has certainly managed to create a favorable experience for customers in the lower income segment. With a simple concept matched with personal touch and engaging rewards, this experiential initiative is truly an example of why sometimes it is the most simple experiences that manage to create the maximum impact in the lives of a consumers.

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