Vibgyor associates with Government of Rajasthan for IT Day Celebration 2018

Rajasthan IT Day is a platform that brings together business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers who have turned ideas into solutions. ‘Rajasthan IT Day 2018’ was organized by the Department of Information Technology and Communications, Rajasthan.


Envisaged as a four-day event, Rajasthan IT Day 2018 showcased cutting-edge innovations, technological breakthroughs, along with workshops for tech wizards and emerging startups.

Vibgyor Brand Services was looped in to curate a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Zone that exhibited more than 20 unique technologies. The AR/VR Zone was a technology exposition and destination for tech wizards, students and learners across the nation. It showcased emerging technologies blending virtual reality and real-life together.

The VR Zone consisted of various technologies including 3D Video Mapping, Complete Augmented VR Experience(C.A.V.E), Talking Portraits, Photo Booth with Social Sharing, 3D Printers, Interactive Hand Gesture Control Wall, 3D 360 Cinema Experience, Full Dome, 7D Amer Fort Experience, Robotics and Hololens to name a few.

Vibgyor created a first-of-its-kind Talking Portrait section, where framed posters of classic personalities like Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein and Hitler of different eras were brought to life, to engage the audience. For kids and students it a spectacular delight. The concept has been picked from Harry Potter series where the portraits were seen talking to each other.

360 degree virtual 3D cinema experience section: where one could enter fantasy bee land with the help of 3D glasses. Earlier one could only experience 3D movies in the cinema but Vibgyor brought 360 and 3D together to give people of Jaipur a world class and unique 3D experience. The 360 zone saw a huge traction where people were waiting in long queues to experience the technology.

Another big hit among the crowd was Full Dome, where people witnessed full dome-based video projections. Dome is a beautiful combination of artwork, digital technology and projection technology, with panoramic mapping protection, full dome and VR oculus projection.

Along with this, a Complete Augmented VR Experience (C.A.V.E) was created, where a three side walkthrough was installed, that showcased Jaipur’s heritage properties like Albert Hall and City Palace. An interactive hand gesture wall was installed, that uses gesture tracking platform to engage the audience with fun games. A unique photo booth was created that captured a picture with pre-set digital background image options for immediate social media and email sharing. A 3D printer was installed to showcase the extraordinary technology of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D solid printouts of Ganesha and camel were a hit among architects and students.

The AR-VR Zone was a success, with innovative technologies like Talking Portraits, 3D 360 Cinema Experience and Full Dome etc. being witnessed in India for the first time. The footfall of the event was more than a lakh people, and the buzz it created was humongous. Vibgyor was applauded for the efficient management and the brilliant ideation for the AR VR zone.


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