Usain Bolt To Hit The Track At Expo 2020

To ensure sport is accessible to all, Gatorade has teamed up with Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub to encourage people to run for a good cause, spearheaded by Usain Bolt.


PepsiCo through its sports drink Gatorade is bringing star athlete and its ambassador, Usain Bolt to Expo 2020 Dubai to unite the platform with the global influence to support the communities it operates in, by ensuring healthy lifestyles 

As a Gatorade brand ambassador, Usain Bolt has repeatedly challenged definitions of what’s possible, pushing boundaries, setting records and making history, as per the official statement. 

Through a partnership with the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub at Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo has arranged a public 1.45 KM family run on Saturday, November 13 to raise funds for Al Noor Rehabilitation and Welfare Association for People of Determination.

“Through Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo is driving positive change and sparking joy to create unforgettable moments. We believe in the vital role that people of determination play in our community and recognize the importance of them receiving the rehabilitation and training as well as the support required to allow them to become strong assets in building a better future. We are proud to work with the Sports Hub and Usain Bolt to raise money to enable Al Noor to continue doing so much good for students of determination,” said Aamer Sheikh, President and General Manager, MENA and Pakistan. 

Following the Family Run on November 13, Usain Bolt will be participating in a meet and greet with some of his fans, at the Gatorade Bolt pavilion, located in the Mobility District. 

Sholto Douglas-Home, Chief Marketing, Communication and Sales Officer for Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “We are thrilled by the opportunity for Usain Bolt, alongside our partners at PepsiCo and Gatorade, to help bring focus to one of Expo 2020’s central themes – to inspire people to embrace, on a daily basis, the importance and value of fitness, health and wellbeing in their lives. Sports has the enduring power to bring people, communities and nations together so we are honoured that Usain has agreed to be a part of the Run the World event and are confident that it will encourage many people to run for their own good causes.” 

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