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We all understand the language of food. We have special memories attached to the meals we shared with our loved ones over a casual conversation or feasts we enjoyed to celebrate a special occasion.

Tupperware is doing its part not only to celebrate that special bond we share with food but also promote sustainability of food with its month-long Care4Food’ campaign. The company, in its effort to spread the message of food saving and promoting pertinent food storage habits, has executed the campaign for a consecutive second year. The campaign began on April 6th, which is designated as ‘Care4Food Day’. April 7th is globally recognized as the World Health Day, therefore highlighting the pertinence of the occasion.

Being a food storage brand for over six decades, Tupperware endeavours to preserve food, and with that very aim it has executed this campaign. The brand’s ‘Care4Food’ initiative provides a platform that offers various methods to take care of food at various levels right from buying food and storing it to preparation and leftover management.

This year, Tupperware has tapped the growing social media platform to connect with and engage people and has initiated a few online activities around its campaign. Food lovers can share their own experiences and practices of saving food and support the campaign to become a ‘Food Savior’. The brand has also come up with special recipes which help people reduce food wastage by reusing unused food effectively with its innovative food safety product range.

With an aim to reach eight major cities in India, the brand has come up with engaging ideas and online competitions that revolve around the theme of food storage. In order to reach out to people through the virtual world, Tupperware has also included an online ‘Care4Food’ pledge which encourages people to reduce food wastage. The pledge is similar to Tupperware’s last year’s ‘I-Pledge’ campaign, which was endorsed by 72,274 people who put their signature on a large flex mounted in 10 cities across the country. The campaign gained major traction and was even featured in Limca Book of Records.

On Facebook the official page of the brand has 1 million likes and Tupperware is using this platform to promote the campaign with hashtags like #Care4Food and #LeftoverMakeover.  The brand is engaging its audience by sharing tips on how to reduce food wastage and convenient food storage ideas.

Here is one of the videos shared by the brand to encourage people to take a pledge to care for food. Titled ‘Watch the exciting story of a Sandwich’, the video has over 30,000 views on YouTube till date.

The brand has also roped in celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor who launched a video in which he is seen interacting and endorsing the campaign. Kunal has expressed his concern over food shortage issue and says in the video, ‘No matter who you are or where you come from, everybody bonds best over food. This scared bond is often compromised when we waste food. Because food cares for us, we need to now return the favor. Together let us care for food.’

Mr. Chandan Deep Singh Dang, Chief Marketing Officer, Tupperware India shares his view on the campaign, ‘As a brand that truly cares for food, Tupperware has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the best food storage practices and to educate consumers on safe storage and safeguard of food items. For us at Tupperware, food is sacred. Our products are designed to keep food fresh for longer, resulting in reduced food wastage. It has been a part of our vision to help each home make the most of their food by storing it well and eating healthy. Under this initiative, each of our functions is aligned to achieve that vision. In our second year of the campaign, we have come up with new, interesting ideas to reach out to the masses. We also aim to create greater awareness about correct ways to handle and store food so that we as a nation, waste as little food as possible.’

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