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Anjanna Kuthiala dedicated a night to honouring media and women empowerment. The media that dedicated its life to society and the upliftment of women, was honoured with artwork done by Anjanna herself. Therefore a toast to womanhood and media.

The event was held on 13th March, 2014 at Dusit Devrana, New Delhi. The main sponsor of the evening was GTM Group, second sponsor was Ahujasons and the event was powered by Brand Republix.

“Glad to see all the women around so powerful and beautiful. This day is dedicated to women empowerment, all us women deserve a day especially for us. I believe women should be included more deeply in the decision making process. Women need to feel safer and more secure in the country. It is very disheartening when one travels abroad and people refer to Delhi as the rape capital. The constitution should justify and protect women’s rights. I think the power to vote should empower women on this front. I congratulate all women from media today who are being recognized. Hope you soar and your voice is stronger and more heard. Like Toa said, women hold up half the sky,” said Shobaa De, Keynote Speaker.

The guest of honour, Shekhar Suman, started off with his witty humorous self. “More power to the women, it’s the era of women and I congratulate you all,” said Shekhar Suman.

The media people who were felicitate were Vinita Nangia, Atul Wassan, Pankaj Vohra, Rajiv Makhni, Nina Haridas, Richa Anirudh, Parineeta Sethi, Neeta Mishra, Sudhir Tailang, Dimple Ghosh, Renu Khandpal, Prabhas Roy and Atul Chowdhary.

An element of surprise stand-up comedy was also added to the evening. Shawls were given by Mr. Bhuvan Ahuja of Ahuja Sons to Shobaa De, Shekhar Suman and Anjanna Kuthiala. The evening ended on the note that one should leave behind a legacy so strong, it defeats time.

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