The new-age app “Celebfie” is redefining the Celebrity Fan Experience

Celebfie is a new-age platform with licensed, short-form celebrity content that makes celebrities accessible to everyone.


The entertainment industry was one of the industries brought to a total standstill by COVID-19. The sudden pause on film releases, travel and production schedules led to quarantined celebrities sharing more relatable content with fans including casual home routines like cooking, cleaning and even in-house workouts. The new normal has left most of us craving authentic interactions like this in our daily lives. CELEBFIE is a new-age platform with licensed, short-form celebrity content that makes celebrities accessible to everyone. Not just accessible, even responsive.

The app, which is now live on both Android and Apple, is taking into account that Indians all over the world will likely spend. The personalized video message is accompanied by socially and environmentally conscious Make-in-India gift items company sourced from local artisans to support small, traditional businesses recovering from a difficult year.

“As PM Modi recently stated that Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai’’. The festival season during a pandemic year will be more remote and quiet than usual. One way to bridge this distance is through a highly personalized and desi gift that remains a joyful memory forever. In addition to shout-outs, CELEBFIE offers a wide range of personalized celebrity video content and features that include fresh opportunities for you, your friends and family to interact with your favorite celebrities.

Raminder Singh, Founder and CEO and Praveer Singh Co-Founder of CELEBFIE says, “With the cornerstone advantage of tech-forward leadership, CELEBFIE set out to bridge the gap between creators, consumers and collaborators.

Reflecting on the app’s inception, Raminder added that India is a country where celebrities are idolized. CELEBFIE took shape to connect fans to celebs in a meaningful way. Additionally, CELEBFIE also offers a direct-access celeb-booking model to the nation’s 75 million SMEs that are projected to spend over $8 billion on digital activities. It benefits celebrities, brands and fans in a personalized way while creating the ultimate fan experience.”

Actor and Model, Sudhanshu Pandey, says, “In the year 2020, the situation has been very bad because of the isolation that everyone has felt as they have been locked up across the globe, people have suffered from breakdowns, depression and anxiety. Many are staying alone, or in isolation, or have not met their loved ones for a very long time. So, I feel that sending a personalized shout-out or a video message with some encouraging words to your loved ones will surely give them huge relief and they will feel alive. So I think that in these trying times and this particular year 2020 where we have been isolated, the best thing to do is send a gift - A Video Message to your loved ones or anyone who needs it across the globe.”

Singer, Shibani Kashyap, says “CELEBFIE is a unique platform that focuses on enhancing the celebrity-fan experience. I enjoy being able to share the type of content that my fans want to see and have requested. I love the uniqueness of this platform and it is like I'm having a one on one conversation with my fans.”

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