The High Commission Of Canada Announces Women Run – ‘She Leads Here, She Leads Now’

To mark National Girl Child Day of India and recognise young women change-makers


To commemorate the National Girl Child Day of India and to recognise the voices of young women and girls, the High Commission of Canada, in collaboration with Pro-Fit Sports and AIPL Gurugram, announced a recreational Women’s Run under the theme “She Leads Here, She Leads Now” on Monday. The run will be held on March 5 in Gurguram. 

As part of the “She Leads Here, She Leads Now” campaign, the High Commission recognised five young women change-makers from DELHI: Dwishojoyee Bannerjee, Anushka Singh, Komal, Raseel Arora, and Sarah Sinhal. They were recognised for doing exceptional work in the fields of gender equality, women's health, climate action, and the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The event was attended by representatives from corporations, civil society organisations and educational institutions, along with social influencers and community leaders. 

Announcing the Women Run, Acting High Commissioner Strohan remarked, ‘‘She Leads Here, She Leads Now’ demonstrates the power and importance of young women and girls and how their meaningful participation can lead to more peaceful and prosperous communities. Canada is delighted to recognise the young women change-makers and their leadership to promote human rights. Today, I encourage you all to continue standing up for girls and women, now and into the future.”

The Run is scheduled for March 5, 2023 - in the lead up to International Women’s Day - in Sector 62, Gurugram. The event will promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, and the building of a more peaceful, inclusive, and prosperous global community. The Run will feature exciting activities such as a warm-up Zumba session, performances by local youth, information booths from NGOs focussed on women’s and girls’ empowerment, and other fun activities. 

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