The Doers Club by Dewar's steps foot into the capital

Creating an unforgettable culinary and highballs experience.


Premium scotch brand Dewar’s comes all the way from the magnificent home of Aberfeldy, tucked away in the highlands of Scotland. The scotch brand is “double aged” a craft unique to Dewar’s through which the liquid is aged, blended and aged again (for about 6 months) to ensure a smoother drinker experience to end consumers. The six months of extra aging give blends more time to complement and know each us, much similar to when we make Bolognese or mutton curry, it’s so much better in taste after a few days once all the flavor’s s have seeped into the spaghetti or the lamb shank. 

The Doers Club is the signature experiential property of brand Dewar’s and is an intersection of Double Aged Dewar’s Scotch, Gastronomy experiences, and a lot of playfulness.  After the two successful experiences with the double duo’s of (Stylist Rhea Kapoor + Chef Pooja Dhingra) and (Chef Vicky Ratnani + Actress Esha Gupta) in Mumbai, Dewar’s brought the playfully curated double themed highballs and gastronomy experience to Delhiites.

For the third phase of The Doers Club, Dewar’s brought together celebrity chef Maria Goretti and the brand ambassador of Dewar’s India and mixologist Greg Benson to curate a playful gourmet food and highballs experience titled ‘East India Bottle Masala and Double Aged Scotch’.

Embodying their motto of ‘DoubleIsBetter’, The Doers Club has hosted the Best Celebrity Chefs of the country and category A artists, who have a keen interest in Food and Scotch. Enabling an enriching and playful drinker experience, the brand has taken this as a perfect opportunity to -introduce the new generation of millennial audiences to ‘Drink less and Drink Better’ trend with Dewar’s Scotch. The guests at The Doers Club enjoy the co-curated Gourmet Delicacies with Dewar’s Highballs.

Tommy Dewar’s, the Maverick behind the brand Dewar’s had pioneered the Dewar’s Highballs, a significant popular drink that serves across the globe. The Dewar’s Highball is refreshingly smooth and easy to make. Some double aged Dewar’s scotch with soda/ water, and a dash of lemon, it surely suits every occasion from a relaxed day out to a dinner party with friends. This is how India drinks scotch, and with Dewar’s, we intend to make that experience smoother and refreshing. 

The Doers Club promises to deliver only the best, keeping the audience vibrantly engaged throughout the night by bringing alive #doubleisbetter messaging, playfully at multiple touchpoints such as double throw Whisky pong, double game engagements double highballs and double aged scotch infused gourmet delicacies.  With it's a series of pop-ups at the most popular restaurants in the country, The Doers Club combines a selection of the most refreshingly curated Highballs with the latest street food trends and give the audience a unique and playful food and highball experience.

The Doers Club connects with consumers who believe that socializing experience is more than just sitting down and enjoying a meal with cocktails-its about conversation, banter, stories, and meaning. Each Doers Club pop up is ticketed and up for grabs to consumers across cities at trending outlets, Each Doers Club pop up is ticketed and up for grabs to consumers across cities at trending outlets and is accessible to real-time consumers and not only celebrities and influencers.

Commenting on the launch of The Doers Club, Anshuman Goenka, Director Marketing of Bacardi India said “At Dewar’s we believe in curating experiences that actually connect with the younger, aware and inquisitive scotch consuming audiences of today. The brand’s clever playful tonality along with it’s unique “double aging” value proposition has helped us to canvas experiences that are culturally relevant to our audiences and that alleviate the standards and the approach to a traditionally perceived Scotch category. We were excited to collaborate with Maria and combine her love and craft of food with our drinks strategy to bring out a unique food and drinks experience”.

Celebrity Chef Maria Goretti stated her views saying, “I'm thrilled to associate with The Doers Club by Dewar's. It’s been an absolute delight to combine Dewar’s scotch and My East Indian bottle masala. I have created a special menu using both for double flavors. Also being part of the celebration with the brand ambassador Greg Benson of Dewar’s India was a fun experience and I really enjoyed it.”

Commenting on this Greg Benson, Brand ambassador Dewar’s India said, "The doers club is a great, innovative platform that showcases just how versatile whisky can be. Working with Maria had been great! Creating highballs that accompanied her menu has been very interesting and exciting, and I am glad people enjoyed my cocktails as much as I enjoyed making them."

Dewar’s considers itself as a metamorphosis for scotch since it’s no longer an old man’s drink and intends to influence popular culture. The double aging skills is a testimony of the longstanding heritage for the pursuit of passion and quality and smoothness from the home of Dewar’s house and the idea of The Doers Club is to embody that Double is always better!!

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