Team Building at Corporate Events, a successful trend swiftly catching up


Individual brilliance never truly drives a successful organization; it is the culmination of numerous creative and productive inputs that results in the same. Teamwork and motivation are undoubtedly the two indispensable elements for a productive workplace hence more and more corporate events that are transpiring and being conceptualized are focusing heavily on the same.

While Team building in an office helps to foster better and open communication between the employees both at the horizontal level and at the level of hierarchy. Motivation allows them to be devoted to their work, colleagues and with the vision of the organization.

Corporate events today inculcating and enveloping such activities are proving to be fruitful in improving professional relations, understanding and co-operation in the workplace. They are reflecting positively in the quality of work and hence specialized corporate event agencies like group of Dublin have developed a special division like They offer to their clients over 150 different world-class team activities and programs for you to choose from.

Some of these include music and rhythm activities, in which the entire group is asked to play the same instrument together; outdoor activities such as construction of a river-raft and pop promo activities that allow a group to recreate their favorite music videos. All such activities are fabricated for an evolved process of making people realize how the performance of one individual results in the overall outcome of the team. Even their clients such as Coca-Cola and Ernst and Young are all showing great enthusiasm hence motivating them to seek news concepts on the same theme.

Another example in a similar category is Canadian Outback Adventures & team building event organizers in North America. Some of their prominent team building activities include Going live, wherein a team has to complete live broadcast of a news report; Code Break, which is a smartphone activity that allows a group to solve a puzzle on the basis of cumulative intelligence; Culinary activities, that involve a group to work upon a complete meal for another group and Urban fear factor, that involve overcoming individual fears with the help of another colleague.

In India too, specialized companies like Headrush, d’frens, Natura and Focus Adventure are stepping up in designing and creating team building activities for corporate events. With some of their prominent activities ranging from Biking challenges, blind folded obstacle course to creating their own viral videos. Their clients such as Accenture, AC Neilson, Audi, Mahindra, Balaji Productions and others are heavily encouraging them. And with such big honchos of the corporate world engaging more into involving team building activities as a major portion of their corporate events; the future expects other corporates in the country religiously following their lead.

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