Tata Motors Releases 8th Annual CSR Report For FY22

Tata Motors, has released its 8th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report highlighting its comprehensive efforts to address societal and environmental challenges


Tata Motors,has released its 8th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report highlighting its comprehensive efforts to address societal and environmental challenges in FY22, while fostering inclusive growth to drive impact, and promote sustainable development and nation-building. Cumulatively, the company’s efforts positively impacted over 7.9 lakh lives during the year, with over 40% beneficiaries coming from SC and ST communities.

During the year, Tata Motors leveraged the benefits of digitisation and technological integration to attain a pan-India reach through each of its initiatives, bringing together the collective capabilities of all relevant stakeholders, including government bodies, local authorities, implementation partners and the beneficiaries themselves. Through its collaborative efforts, the company achieved sustainable, replicable, agile, and future-ready results across the country, working towards its goal of fostering social welfare and nation-building.

Speaking on the occasion, SJR Kutty, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tata Motors, said, “Community welfare is at the core of our philosophy that guides us as we strive to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable while embedding sustainable development into our partnership models. Our CSR initiatives are designed to maximise impact through partnerships with the Government to enhance reach and scale. With careful planning and optimal use of our financial and human resources, we hope to touch more lives with every passing year.”

Covering a broad range of diverse target groups across India, Tata Motors’ CSR priorities include four key areas that responds to India’s most pressing developmental challenges: Health (Aarogya), Education (Vidyadhanam), Environment (Vasundhara), and Employability (Kaushalya).

Key highlights of Tata Motors CSR Report for FY22 include:

Providing widespread access to COVID-19 vaccination

Supporting the government’s vaccination efforts, Tata Motors deployed 11 customised and fully-equipped mobile vaccination vans administering vaccines at the doorstep of beneficiaries residing in the remote areas of the country. Over 80,000 individuals across nearly 250 villages and 6 districts were vaccinated, of which 45% were women from socially marginalised sections. Along with its employees, the company created a pool of money and donated a cumulative total of Rs. 6.3 crores towards COVID welfare.

Building a Healthier and Stronger India

Making healthcare more accessible, Tata Motors, through its ‘Aarogya’ initiative, has positively impacted over 5.5 lakh individuals. During the year, the company provided 3.6 lakh people with supplementary diets and curative healthcare services. Further, by bringing 67% of the 2,900 malnourished children across India under the healthy category, it reaffirmed its commitment to cultivating a thriving child population. In some locations, 100% of children in the healthy category were recorded. Moreover, one lakh people, particularly young mothers, were also engaged in sessions focused on behavioral change and awareness raising on important subjects such as menstruation, adverse effects of early marriage, family planning, reproductive health, child-birth gap, timely vaccines aimed at improving the health of newborns and infants, among others.

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