Taalbelia stands for the Folk community when they need us the most

This beautiful initiative has touched the right chord with the artist and is a cause being supported by the artists for the artists.


The 3rd Weekend jam brings in a special collaboration between a mentor and his students with Taalbelia Folk Alive.

Roop and Swaroop, two brothers who belong to the Manganiyar community, are extraordinarily skilled vocalists at an impressive young age. They carry forward the legacy of their community as its next generation. 

Supporting them is the signature Folk voice of Rajasthan and an exceptional performer, Mame Khan, who has taken an ancient musical legacy from the golden Thar Desert to the screens of Bollywood and to more than 60+ countries, celebrating the finest of Folk Fusion with the 21st century audience. 

Mame Khan is undoubtedly the biggest manganiyaar of our times who has made his land proud by gracing music events around the globe. He is also known for his song Chaudhary from Coke Studio with Amit Trivedi and several other Bollywood songs. 

His musical career started in a small, almost medieval village named Satto near Jaisalmer. The golden city of Jaisalmer and its surrounding villages are famed for their rich history of kings and poets, and is a place where Muslim and Hindu mystical traditions come together -timeless and beyond borders. It is a pleasure for us to become a medium for him to help the talent from his own village through Taalbelia Folk Alive. 

Mame Khan will be supporting this young talented duo with his soulful music and some of his all time treasured compositions for raising funds through this Saturday at 7:00 PM. 

Words from Siddhartha Chaturvedi - Founder and Director of Taalbelia- I thank everyone who has been so generous and supportive to make this possible for us; to all our friends like Namit Das, Anurag Shanker, the 2nd weekend feature Kartik & Nirali (Maatibaani), Gitikka, Shobha and all the teams involved for being so giving and up on their feet to work this out for us. 

I knew I was doing the right thing by taking this step but after the 2nd jam when I received a call from Noor bhai, I couldn’t respond to his overwhelming thankfulness and blessings towards this initiative. It touched me so much and gave me all the more strength to do what is needed right now, it just made so much sense once again. There are so many people like Noor bhai out there for whom this initiative will become a blessing in disguise to carry out the expenses for their basic living necessities in these times. We wish to stay here and run this drive for as long as we can. 

Coming alive this Saturday will be one of the most important equations that one experiences in their lifetime, a mentor and disciple bond. Join in to witness these two amazingly talented brothers Roop and Swaroop from Jaisalmer supported by their mentor Mame Khan. 

Plug in, Support and Donate for every contribution matters.

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