Taalbelia Folk Alive gets the essence of folk music from the magnificent valleys of Kashmir

Stay tuned and show your love by donating as every penny matters and counts as Taalbelia Folk Alive streams live this Saturday.


One of the most honest and pure music comes from the most beautiful part of our country. The music and culture of this land has the soul of its people and inspiration of the scenic beauty of the valley.

It is said if you are interested in watching some of the most captivating traditional folk art forms in India, Jammu & Kashmir is one of the best destinations. The performing arts in Kashmir are based on true expressions of life.

This weekend jam gets the only Female voice from the valley whose constant efforts to bring forward the culture and folk art of her land have been magnificent and appreciated all over the country.

Aabha Hanjura strives to be the voice of Kashmir. The singer who moved to Bangalore then, is happy that with Kashmir she is able to give back something in melody that people can relate to. Aabha Hanjura, is on a quest to take the sounds of her homeland and her roots to a larger audience by experimenting on classical folk with contemporary sounds.

Popular for marrying folk pop music with effective storytelling in her music videos, Aabha's music stands out in the digital landscape.

Aabha Hanjura started her journey into films with her song, Hukus Bukus, that was featured in ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’, a critically acclaimed film directed by Oscar Nominated Director, Ashvin Kumar.

Now the award-winning singer, song-writer and composer who is popular for her singles released over the last two years, is getting ready to release her six-track album, Aabha Hanjura and the Sound of Kashmir.

Along with her here she brings 3 folk artists from Kashmir. They will together be performing on some of the originals compositions from their homeland land and few originals by Aabha herself.

This evening is going to be as beautiful as the look of the valley. The music created by these artists is the Weekend jam will certainly take us all to the most beautiful natural escapade that houses extravagant and gorgeous valleys that have everything to make you fall in love with them

Words from Siddhartha Chaturvedi - Founder and Director of Taalbelia:

In this journey of connecting with the folks and working towards supporting them with something they need the most right now has been a feeling of contentment.

We absolutely love how our headliners have taken out their time to connect with the folks and produce exclusive content for the Taalbelia Folk Alive. Seeing the community come together and support this cause is truly valuable and something that we as Taalbelia will always remember.

We have been able to raise nearly 2.25 Lacs in the previous jams in the form of donations which has helped our artist to run their livelihoods, household expenses, medical expenses and to get through the basic necessities for months to come ahead.

The team has got a very beautiful collaboration for this Saturday and I am really looking forward to it myself. Adding the flavor of Kashmiri Folk Art and Culture with Taalbelia is going to be exciting. This collaboration is led by Aabha Hanjura who herself is known for her undying love for the homeland and the constant efforts to bring the folk culture out with her many collaborations and independent music.

Stay tuned and do show your love by donating not big but small, as every penny matters and counts as Taalbelia Folk Alive streams live this Saturday.

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