Survey Reveals 69% Of Millennials Opting For Destination Weddings

India’s wedding industry is recognised as the fourth largest sector, adding INR 4.25 lakh crore to the country’s GDP in October 2023


India’s wedding industry is recognised as the fourth largest sector, adding INR 4.25 lakh crore to the country’s GDP in October 2023.

Although India’s wedding industry has been contributing to the country’s growth trajectory, in recent times, the matrimonial landscape has undergone a transformation. In tandem, Betterhalf surveyed an array of channels, namely Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Forms and Broadcasting, accumulating more than 5,000 responses that revealed the changed preferences in millennials’ wedding interests and expenditures.

Around 69 per cent of urban professionals have demonstrated an increasing preference towards having destination wedding celebrations, with only 11 per cent of millennials choosing the contrary. At the same time, new-age brides and grooms-to-be also demonstrate their passion for travelling, with 73 per cent of them being open to exploring off-beat destinations in India for their wedding.

Commenting on the shift in the wedding landscape, Pawan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Betterhalf commented, “With evolved times and changed mindset, Betterhalf is actively showcasing its commitment to align with the wedding needs of today's millennial populace. To-be brides and grooms are cultivating increasing traction towards destination weddings and Betterhalf is crafting immaculate destination wedding experiences that seamlessly resonate with the voice, values and vision of the present generation.”

31 per cent of millennials prefer beach backdrops, followed by 25 per cent and 24 per cent preferring mountains and heritage respectively on their wedding day. 30 per cent of millennials prefer Goa and Rajasthan as their ideal destination wedding location, with 21 per cent and 19 per cent preferring Lakshadweep and Himachal respectively.

59 per cent of millennials continue to prioritise grandeur venues irrespective of the location. Further, 41 per cent of millennials believe that the availability of an experienced local wedding planner is crucial for making decisions regarding destination weddings in India.

In line, with the nudge towards destination weddings, with 63 per cent of them preferring to have smaller guest lists, instead of compromising on a destination wedding experience.  Additionally, the survey unveils that 46 per cent of urban professionals consider scenic beauty to be the top factor influencing destination wedding decisions, followed by 28 per cent and 17 per cent choosing cost-effectiveness and cultural significance respectively.

The survey revealed around 33 per cent of millennials consider a maximum of INR 10 lakhs to be the ideal budget for destination wedding ceremonies. At the same time, 22 per cent of millennials are also willing to spend more than INR 30 lakhs for their destination weddings.

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