Successful completion of A&M Studio’s DANCE OUT LOUD

An All Women’s Digital Charity Dance Event in Association with Sandip Soparrkar & Powered by Loudest.In & The Crazy Yogi Koffie


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Dance Out Loud

 The 5 days of An all women International Dance Event in Association with Sandip Soparrkar and Dances curated by Amrita Joshi, which had artist performed all across India, Canada, UAE and The USA. Dance is a magical emotion that lets you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. When you dance, you get absolved of all the inhibitions that limit you. You enter into an otherworldly zone where there is just pure bliss. We all deserve to be part of such a transcendental moment. In these dark times, where humans are isolated due to pandemic and all kinds of social divides, A&M Studio wishes to bring everyone together, forget their turbulations and take a moment to enjoy

Speaking on the Dance Out Loud Event, Founder & CEO of A&M Studio, Manpreet Singh Kochar said, Dance Out Loud was aimed to bring the art of dance to the center stage and A&M Studio is glad that we got overwhelming participation from not just our talented participants, but from the viewers and our partners as well. Our participants presented some beautiful and marvelous art forms during the 5 days with 30+ artists and our viewers got a chance to view an amazing display of talent in the form of Bollywood Dance, Oddisi, Kathak, Modern Dance, and more.

Our driving force was to raise donations in partnership with Srujna, a Charitable Trust, for creating income opportunities for 6500+ women across India. 

Women artists from all over the world came together to put on an event packed with entertainment. Though these artists performed from their homes and studios, the online experience was still entertaining and exciting. The performances were evaluated and curated by our grand jury of Sandip Soparrkar and Amrita Joshi whose encouragement motivated every artist to perform their very best. The winners would be given the opportunity to train under Sandip Soparrkar through 4 online classes as well.

Success does not just come and find you, you have to go out and get it. Dance Out Loud would have been impossible without the right people and energy. We wish success to all the talented artists who put up this spectacular show of talent.

On the occasion of the completion of the 6th and An All Women Dance Event, Dr Annurag Batra,

Chairman and Editor in Chief, Businessworld and Exchange4media Group, “We are delighted

to have partnered with A&M Studio for An All Women’s International Dance Event which showcased amazing Dance acts across the world. My kudos to A&M Studio, to have achieved this Most Unique Digital Event seamlessly and more so for a charitable cause. I wish them the best and we look forward to

a continued partnership.”

The Dance Out Loud showcased 37 Plus dance performances and displayed the following talented artists showcased by A&M Studio.


Kalbelia – Asha Sapera, Indu Sapera, Moru Sapera, Senu Sapera, Sehnaaz Foga

Kathak – Sangeetha Phaneesh, Prerna Kulshreshtha, Purbali Nandi Chandra, Bhramori Roy, Amrita Banerjee, Smrity Aditya, Amrita Banetjee, Smrity Aditya.

Bharatnatyam – Ananya M, Rashmitha Nair, Mohika Saxena, Gayathri Sharma & Bhadra Sinha, Gayathri Sharma & Bhadra Sinha

Classical – Reshmi Ranjith, Josephine Savitha George, Team ArRiDi, Lipi Bardhan & Nishatha Misra

Odissi – Karishma Ahuja, Yamini Dikshit, Ishita Mohanty, Ms Sanhita Basu Ghose & Ms Ushoshi

Bollywood – Amrita Joshi, Dr Puja Joshi & Group, Soumya Syal, Laavanya Ghosh 

Freestyle, Tagore’s Dance, Whacking & Belly Dancing – Sandli Rai, Juliana Mazkoori, Neha Bansal.

Instrumental - Susan Coelho & Roshan Khan & Group


DATE: 1st October - 5th October 2020 DIGITAL CONCERT 

TIMINGS: 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM RELAYED LIVE : A&M Studio Facebook page.

• Over 30 + DANCERS from all across the World – India, UAE, Canada, USA & Bangladesh. 

• The Digital concert will be aired from the A&M Studio Facebook page  and relayed from the Child Help Foundation page and other partner Facebook pages. 

• 4 Days of international Dance performances. 

• Each artist performing live for 30 mins minimum. 

• The Concert will be anchored by – Celebrity Anchors – Joe Baath, Bhavana Bhatia, Srijeet Chaudhary. 

• 8 dancers per day performing & then followed up by the next artist performances. 

• The dance forms range from Kalbelia, Marwari, Kathak, Waacking, Contemporary, HipHop, Freestyle, Belly dance, Odissi Dance & Bharatnatyam. 

• The show aims to reach over 17 Lakh audiences around the world.

Curated & Presented by A&M Studio

Brand Partners:

In Association with : Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio

Powered by : FEVER FM

Dances Curated by : Amrita Joshi

Co Powered by: Loudest In

Presented by :  The Crazy Yogi Koffie

Co-Presented by : Apsurlute Kitchen & Loudest.In

Activations & Media Partner : Everything Experiential 

Movies Partner: N N Sippy Productions 

Knowledge Partner : KONVERSAI 

Digital Audio Partner : One Loop 

Outdoor Partner : Social Street 

Charity Partner: Srujna Charitable Trust 

Canada Artists Partner: DesiFest

Digital New Partner: Newsmobile

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