StayIN aLIVE – A call for artists to unite like never before

‘StayIN aLIVE’ is a platform for artists to come together to make a difference in the lives of those affected as well as each other in this unprecedented pandemic affecting the world.


As part of the LIVE entertainment industry, it feels strange to sit at home. As we respect this lockdown, we are all struggling with multiple things: How do I do my work online, which piece of information is true and which is not, how do I help others around me, where do I put out my art so it can reach more people? Some are still privileged to have some savings, food to eat and have already embraced digital commerce.

There are also many more that are out of work and perhaps out of ideas. Novel viruses call for novel solutions, and no one person or organisation can make a substantial change. It’s time for all of us to stand together- industry-wide and support each other, and at the same time our audiences.

‘StayIN aLIVE’ is a platform for artists to come together to make a difference in the lives of those affected as well as each other in this unprecedented pandemic affecting the world. The platform aims to address three key phases which are:

EDUCATE: Artists from different fields – music, dance, comedy, etc – come together to use their skills and creativity to aid the spreading of correct, verified messages about battling COVID-19, the issues surrounding the pandemic and precautions one can take as normal citizens. ‘Educate’ will also enable artists to share their knowledge, coping skills and new revenue-earning skills with other artists who are struggling in these times, thus creating a chain of support.

INSPIRE: This phase aims to bring together artists to share their content online, to entertain and engage the audience with the sole objective of coming together to spark some joy in these difficult times. It’s not about a performance alone - it is about inspiring the audiences, fellow artists and the world at large with content that can help everyone sail through the current times and post that.

SUPPORT: Support has multiple facets – emotional, financial, collaborative and our hope is we can come together to offer what we can to those who are in dire need.

With the help of ticketing platforms, BookMyShow, Paytm Insider and digital streaming platforms, we aim to raise funds via a PAY AS YOU WISH model. The funds will be disbursed to the most pressing issues in the country with due diligence done by the collective. Further, the platform will also strive to use the funds effectively for artists, freelancers, gig economy workers who have suffered from major setbacks during these times.

Roshan Abbas, Founder of Kommune, shared, “This unique time had all of us thinking and introspecting and when a bunch of us started talking, we knew we had to come together to do something. Partners like OML, Kwan, Big Bang Music, Tabhrasa, BookMyShow, Paytm Insider amongst others extended their resources and here we are today. We urge artists across the country and the world therefore to come forth and participate freely and show the world that art and artists are important for humanity.”

Gaurav Wadhwa, Founder & CEO, Big Bang Music further added, “As an industry collective of artists, agencies and consumer media platforms, we're essentially putting together a creative think tank to re-imagine live experiences for consumers in this new all-digital world. The idea is to help artists from across fields of music, performing arts, comedy, etc, continue working, build monetisation through disruptive formats and programming to support them in these troubled times. Artists can contribute via talks and workshops for the benefit of the rest of the community. It is a time to build a new LIVE ecosystem.”

Shreyas Srinivasan, CEO, Paytm Insider, adds “Now more than ever is the time to collaborate for a better future for the live entertainment industry. stayIN aLIVE is a fantastic start to this, and we’re glad to be a part of this wonderful initiative.”

Many leading artists have already extended their support to this initiative and for artists who want to join this platform and engage further, the form can be downloaded here: 

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