Someone encashed Delhi's love for 'momos' by creating a festival around it, 35K people came

The Founder of the Delhi’s annual non-ticketed GoBuzzinga Momo Festival, Shantanu Verma, revealing the number of visitors in his previous Momo fest said, that around 35,000 people had attended the event in the year 2016 compared to 15,000 people who had visited the festival in its first edition.


Indicating its growing popularity among Momo lovers in the capital, Verma is introducing its fourth edition this December on 16th and 17th at Garden of Five Senses, Saket, New Delhi. The two-day carnival will have 100 plus varieties of Momos to choose from, claimed Verma.

The variety will range from Kurkure momo, Oreo momo, Bacon momo, Vodka momo, Cocktail & Cream momo, Maggie, Peanut Butter, Volcanic momo, Devil momo with cheese, Pan (Sweet Pan) momo, Shrimp  momo, and  Momo Sizzler among others. The visitors will be able to taste not just myriad varieties of Momos under one platform but also in different forms, like steamed, fried, tandoori, gravy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

While speaking to Everything Experiential, Verma talked about the experiences that the coming festival will be offering its customers other than momolicious food, and his vision for the fest. Also, about pros and cons of organizing a restricted event Intellectual Property (IP) such as this, revenue streams, and his inspiration behind commencing a Momo festival in the city.

Elaborating on why a Momo fest in particular, Verma revealed that at GoBuzzinga, they always loved Momos and were always on the lookout for the best ones across Delhi. So once on a Momo exploration trail in Amar colony, they realised that just Amar colony was home to more than 50 varieties of the food. 

“Upon further research, we were spell-bound by the amount of variations this dish had in Delhi and when you couple it with the love people have for Momos, we thought it deserved a platform of its own,” said Verma. 

Throwing light on the revenue streams, Verma said, “We have multiple revenue streams tying up experiential marketing campaigns for bigger brands, revenue from vendors etc.” Also, speaking about entertainment he added that the visitors will be encountering home-grown artists, live art, and surprise games in the venue this year.    

Disclosing his vision for the annual GoBuzzinga Momo Festival, Founder explained that to take the love of Momos pan-India is what ultimately he aims for. 

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages with organizing a restricted event IP such as a Momo festival, Verma said it is a niche event by name, but the love Delhi has for Momos makes it massy by itself. “What works for us is that there is a very clear message that we can push- If you love Momos, you have to be a part of this celebration.”

“On the flip-side, we miss out on a lot of brand associations as a niche event IP has limited appeal,” he added.


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