Sip, Savour, Salud: Meeting Evolving Trends Gracefully

Read this exclusive interview with Ajay Shetty, CEO and Founder, Salud as he delves into the brand's marketing strategies driving consumer engagement and more.


In this exclusive interview with Ajay Shetty, CEO and Founder, we delve into the artistry and innovation behind the brand's bitters and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products. Shetty sheds light on the meticulous strategies driving consumer engagement and elaborates on Salud's commitment to organic and sustainable ingredients, reflecting evolving consumer preferences. 


Could you provide insights into how Salud's bitters and ready-to-drink products enhance consumer engagement?

Salud’s objective is to craft a non-alcoholic bitter that upholds exceptional quality. In the category of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages, our focus is on creating high-value offerings with the finest flavours, aiming for clarity, or incorporating natural colours when needed. We deliver a superior drinking experience at the price point we offer, with carefully chosen matching ingredients.  

We have introduced risky flavours, such as cucumber and lavender, alongside functionally easier ones, such as mango and tangerine, for our bitters. Also, we have worked on our products after understanding the market. Feedback plays a crucial role in aligning our products with the specific market we serve. Salud’s market is unique, where individuals stock our bitters to craft extraordinary cocktails at home. We've developed a product that not only stands out on its own but also complements other spirits and enhances our own RTD offerings.

Can you share the marketing or branding strategies employed by Salud to create a loyal community of enthusiasts?

Salud Beverages has consistently prioritised the cultivation of a community. As a brand, we are focused on creating aspirations in every aspect of life — from what we drink, eat and how we celebrate to navigating post-celebration moments and the nature of our conversations. We are committed to establishing an ethos without barriers of gender, age or taste. Although we are a design-forward brand, we actively engage in the affordable segment of alcohol-beverage products and even extend this approach to our merchandise. Our aim is to make the Salud experience inclusive and within reach for a diverse community of individuals who share an aspirational mindset.  

How does Salud incorporate elements of mixology and cocktail culture into its consumer interactions?

Salud’s primary focus has always been on RTDs designed for easy consumption. However, to cater to the cocktail culture, we showcase our RTDs at various alcohol and beverage events. We curate menus for diverse taste preferences, adjust cocktail recipes to cater to different age groups and ensure ease of replication in home bars.

The response to Salud has been remarkable, with sell-out bars at several alcohol and beverage events. Our collaboration with mixologists in tasting sessions has strengthened the concept of serving our RTDs super-chilled and incorporating minimal additional ingredients to achieve the best taste. The approach not only enhances the overall experience but also aligns with the idea of simplicity and quality in every sip.

How do Salud’s products  align with the evolving consumer trends, such as the demand for organic and sustainable ingredients?

The product range of Salud Beverages has always focused first on feedback and consumer trends. We strive to introduce game-changing products, while prioritising customer needs. Products, such as Salud Sonic, crafted specifically for health-conscious drinkers, address the growing demand for wellness-oriented choices. Moreover, as we have noticed the increasing interest in organic and sustainable ingredients, our Salud RTD 2.0 products have been curated, featuring clear formulations with natural ingredients. Our dedication extends beyond the beverage itself to include minimalist and chic designs for labels and bottles. Our recent product range Salud Fiesta, India’s first agave refresher in a soda bottle, Salud Cranberry and Salud Viking cater to a demographic seeking vibrant colours and higher alcohol content in their drinks. The versatility reflects our commitment to meeting the diverse preferences of our consumers while maintaining our signature aesthetic appeal.

Could you discuss any measures to promote the art of cocktail making?

Salud’s goal is to simplify the drinking experience, making it easy, accessible and enjoyable for our consumers. We strive to create recipes that are both easy and fun, ensuring our products taste good in public as well as home bars.

From our Ready-to-Drink (RTD) offerings designed for utmost convenience with a simple pop-and-sip concept, to our luxury gin, best enjoyed straight up—our goal is to satisfy everyone.

For Salud, quality has been the primary focus at every sales point.  

Can you elaborate on any upcoming experiential events or brand activations planned by Salud?  

At the core of our strategy, we have always focused on feedback and tastings, making the most of experiential events. In the previous year, we curated events centred on music and alcohol, where we crafted a variety of menus catering to various age groups and taste palettes. We conducted a feedback contest to gauge consumer demands and perceptions.

This year, our emphasis has shifted to crafting niche experiential events, particularly with our limited-edition craft gin, Salud CUSP. As the year concludes, our focus is on participating in select alcohol and beverage events and hosting more exclusive Salud sessions to enhance the brand experience.

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