Showcase Events’ On-Ground Studio Space, RRE Studios, Is A Hit With Artists

RRE Studios in Faridabad is a one-stop-shop professional studio for recording, live-streaming and editing, with complete pandemic protocols in place.


Since the pandemic’s arrival, traditional shoots that take place in professional studios have been drastically affected. Independent artists without access to large funding or the latest technology, have been the worst hit. The problem is further aggravated when these artists turn to digital mediums for sustenance, while dealing with poor internet connections, and the lack of space in their own homes. Fortunately, ShowCase Studio’s on-ground professional studio space RRE Studios in Delhi-NCR, is an ideal location for any kind of recording or live-streaming in a pandemic-proof environment.

Rajshree Agarwal, Founder & CEO, RRE Studios shares, “We launched ourselves amidst the pandemic, which meant we had to strictly follow safety and hygiene protocol in our day to day operations. Apart from each one of one us at the space wearing masks at all times, we avoid multiple bookings on the same day and only entertain clients with prior appointments. As one cannot sanitise mics and certain equipment, we monitor the temperature of people entering the studio, and after every studio booking, we have the whole space sanitised by a professional team.”

Their forethought and preparedness allowed them to attract a large clientele in the nine months since they opened their doors. CEO of ShowCase Events, Nanni Singh, who has made RRE Studios the exclusive on-ground space for all their artistic collaborations, claims she turns to them because of their professional team and excellent user-friendly set up.

Singh has known and worked with Agarwal for the past five years, even appointing her Head - Creatives & Social Media at ShowCase Events. Explaining the journey of RRE Studios so far, Singh says, “this studio is Rajshree’s own baby. It existed in a much smaller form with limited resources, but in 2020 she set up a state of the art space with all the latest gear and equipment. I’m so pleased that today it is a very sought after studio, as it has everything any artist needs for recording along with live streaming facilities to enable events to happen seamlessly. There is also a comfortable green room area for day-long shoots.”

Since its inception, this studio space has been received well by artists and brands. In the last few months they have hosted multiple live streaming virtual concerts for ShowCase Studio’s ‘In Conversation’ and ‘Artists ShowCase’ series featuring artists like Niazi Nizami Brothers, Anirudh Varma Collective, Hafeez Ahmed and others; done the audio and video production for Paytm Insider’s ‘Ace it with the Masters’ masterclass series with the legendary Shubha Mudgal; hosted live streaming Chroma shoots for Vouch Pro Pvt Ltd and Barcos Hospitality featuring Jeeveshu Ahluwalia; provided space and technical help for pre-recorded virtual concerts for artists like Padmi Shri Shovana Narayan, Rashmi Agarwal and others; conducted audio production for radio spots and jingles for numerous multinational brands in Hindi, Bengali and Nepalese languages; organised dubbing sessions for artists like Tarannum Malik, Sonam

Kalra, Pragnya Wakhlu and others; and provided expertise for multi-camera live streaming virtual concerts for brands like IIT Guwahati and HP Studio featuring maestros such as Rajendra Prasanna, Shubendra and Saskia Rao, and Kutle Khan.

Their popularity is evident through the amazing feedback they have received from seniors in the profession as well as those just starting out. "Every little detail was in place, everyone masked and careful,” shared Shubha Mudgal after her shoot, while Pragnya Wakhlu appreciated their state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge of their sound engineers. Gaurav Mam too sang its praises, "RRE Studios offers industry standard equipment for designing music, with ample space for video production too."

When asked the reason for the success of RRE Studios in a short span of time, Agarwal shares, “as a Music Composer, I have spent six years in Mumbai, which gave me in-depth knowledge and experience. Apart from executing projects in Mumbai, I have been a silent observer in some of the best studios there. Hence, I paid minute attention to every detail of RRE Studios. The space is designed and built under the expert consultancy of Bombay based Widestereo founded by Yasharth Sharma, Sound Engineer and Kishore Banan, Faculty Head – True School of Music. They ensured the perfect acoustics were in place and also helped to set up industry-standard studio gears.”

Shooting any sort of audio or video gig in a professional environment, has many advantages. Artists can focus on their art and performance while every other aspect of the shoot is taken care of. Professional engineers ensure the right balance of sound for any kind of recording, and the right acoustics and gears enhance the output to another level. RRE Studios is equipped with the latest and the best, with strict adherence to pandemic protocols. Nanni Singh sums it up best when she says, “what is special about RRE Studios is our intent to provide good service. We believe in giving the best, without compromising on quality and without letting commercials come in the way.”

Bookings for any of the four studio rooms at RRE Studios can be made through their website or social media pages.

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