Shoppers Stop & Good Glamm Group Transform Omni-Channel Experiences

The introduction of MyGlamm POUT by Karan Johar at Shoppers Stop marks the commencement of a journey, sparking discussions to extend the collaboration across various facets of both entities' businesses


MyGlamm has deepened its roots in the retail space through a collaboration with Shoppers Stop for the launch of MyGlamm POUT by Karan Johar, a makeup collection that will exclusively be available across all Shoppers Stop retail outlets and further enhance the brand’s visibility across stores. 

The debut of MyGlamm's POUT collection by Karan Johar at Shoppers Stop has initiated conversations between the entities, exploring collaboration possibilities across various facets of their businesses. The expanded collaboration once in place, would enhance shopping experiences both offline and online, bringing a fusion of tradition and innovation to consumers.

The parties are discussing the possibility of Good Glamm Group leveraging Shoppers Stop's established offline presence for similar opportunities, while Shoppers Stop is expected to gain a foothold through the Good Glamm Group's online presence with their content-creator-commerce-community flywheel leveraging the Group’s 200 million monthly active users and generating over 4.5 billion monthly organic impressions. The synergy between these industry leaders, once implemented is expected to blend innovation, quality, and exclusivity, with customers benefiting from exclusive product launches, beauty events and in-store activations at Shoppers Stop outlets across India.

Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Good Brands Co., Good Glamm Group stated, " We are excited to collaborate with Shoppers Stop for the launch of MyGlamm's POUT collection by Karan Johar at Shoppers Stop. We look forward to expanding this collaboration subsequently to other products to tap into a broad consumer base leveraging Shoppers Stop's well-established offline presence and elevate the overall shopping experience, while at the same time Shoppers Stop would be able to leverage Good Glamm Group's content-to-commerce flywheel to further establish its digital presence. The collaboration once expanded is expected to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping and bring digital shopping experiences into physical stores. We anticipate reaching a wider audience and are eager to enrich the makeup journey for our customers throughout India in association with Shoppers Stop."

Commenting on the association Biju Kassim, Customer Care Associate and CEO of Beauty, Shoppers Stop said, "At Shoppers Stop, beauty is a key strategic pillar. We are enthusiastic about expanding our product offerings in collaboration with the Good Glamm Group, a partner that shares our fervor for the beauty industry. MyGlamm POUT by Karan Johar is set to benefit significantly from Shoppers Stop's robust omnichannel presence, gaining access to a broader audience and enriching the shopping experience for customers. Simultaneously, we look forward to expanding this collaboration to allow Shoppers Stop to enhance and diversify our distribution portfolio, further solidifying our position as a leading destination for quality beauty and fashion products."

The collaboration between Shoppers Stop and the Good Glamm Group, once effected, promises to deliver an unmatched shopping experience, bringing together the best of makeup and retail to customers across the nation.

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