Second Edition of Mindfulness India Summit to be held on 30th & 31st of October 2019 in Mumbai

Supported by various world leaders and award-winning psychologist Daniel Goleman.

Manish Behl - Mindfulness Expert - Founder - Mindfulness India Summit

All of us desire to live a happy, healthy, less stressful, more productive life in the rising age of augmented and virtual reality, digitization, artificial intelligence, and the human brain computer interface. But the challenge lies in the fact that, are our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social capacities rising at the same rate as per the scientific advancements around us.

And this is where, the concept of Mindfulness India Summit – the brainchild of Founder Manish Behl took shape.

After a very successful inaugural Summit in 2018, Mindfulness India Summit 2019 is all geared up with its second edition on 30th and 31st October in Mumbai at The Westin Mumbai Garden City. And only in its second year, the Summit is already Asia’s largest summit on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology; it’s a platform to discuss benefits, myths, case studies, research tools and practices on Mindfulness and EI in personal and professional life.  

Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the current moment, in the here and now to build greater focus, attention, productivity, well-being, and creativity. Recognized by United Nations and World Economic Forum as important skills in achieving sustainable goals and success for leadership, Mindfulness, and EI are among the top three important skills for the 5th industrial age.

The summit has already made a difference in the life of various corporates, entrepreneurs and VPs, CFOs and CEOs from leading international and domestic organizations. This year participants are joining from varied fields including corporations, government, education, healthcare, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. In this two-day summit, attendees will be encouraged and educated to harness their capacity for happiness, health,  and make mindfulness a part of everyday life.

The agenda for this year’s summit will involve topics like:
• Mindfulness for a new generation in an increasingly digital society
• Science of mindfulness: transforming your mind and body
• Mindful Eating
• Mindfulness at Workplace
• Mindfulness for Education
• Mindfulness and Happiness
• Health and Well Being
• Evolving Landscape of Mindful Society
• How emotional intelligence impact leaders?
• Creativity, innovation, and concentration a form of art, to engage in the ancient practice of Mindfulness etc.

The Summit has an impressive line-up of international and national speakers this year including:
•  Daniel Goleman – Neuroscientist Award-Winning Psychologist, Best Selling Author,  Speaker on Emotional Intelligence (Through Streaming)
•  Ronald Siegel –  Neuroscientist & Psychologist - Faculty at Harvard Medical School
•  Matthew Lippincott   -  Vice President Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching
•  Chris Tamdjidi – Senior faculty at Oxford University Mindfulness Centre, UK Ikigai Expert
•  Hector Garcia – Author of World bestseller - IKIGAI - Japanese concept of Joy, Happiness and purpose
•  Clif Smith – Chief Mindfulness Officer – Ernst & Young’s Americas Mindfulness Network leader and Head of Global Mindfulness Steering Group
•  Neil Seligman – Leading Mindfulness Expert, Author, Coach, and Inspirational Speaker from – UK

·  Minister Norbu Wangchuk – Former Minister of Education – Royal Government of BHUTAN

Mindfulness & Conscious Awareness
• Manish Behl - Mindfulness Expert  - Founder - Mindfulness India Summit

Indian speakers include heads from Mahindra, Accenture, BCG, Mumbai Port Trust, Salesforce, Microsoft, Celebrity chefs, Musicians, and artists. Leading a neuroscientist from the Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences will also be sharing their research findings apart from distinguished Buddhist scholar and Head of Tibetan Central Archive of His Holiness Dalai Lama.
Speaking about the Mindfulness India Summit, Mr Manish Behl, Founder said, “Mindfulness India Summit is a platform to advance the benefits of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for the Indian sub-continent. These practices have recognized the world over for making a deep impact in business, education, healthcare, organizational performance and most of all for the community and society as a whole. At the summit, we aim to bring ancient and latest techniques, Mindfulness tools that can be used every day for work or home and knowledge sharing that helps everybody thrive”.  

Just in the second edition, Mindfulness India Summit is the largest platform in Asia with over 30 speakers, 200+ participants, 10+ workshops, 20 + keynotes and focus sessions over 2 days, a place where every leader needs to be.

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