Relive the vibe to save the folks with Taalbelia

Taalbelia - Folk Alive, Weekend Jams is a way forward to relive the belief and recreate the essence by bringing it live in front of the viewers to raise funds for the suffering community who needs it the most right now.


Featuring this Saturday at Taalbelia folk Alive Weekend Jams is Maati Baani supporting Noor Mohammad Sodha from the land of Kutch. Noor Mohammad Sodha is an Alghoza/ Jodia Pawa player from Kutch. 

The instrument consists of two joined beak flutes, one for melody, the second for drone. He comes from a family of Maaldaris (people who deal with cattle). He listened to Algoza/ Jodia Pawa for the first time on the radio when he was a kid and asked his father to get it for him and set on his own learning journey by exploring the instrument. In the past he has played with A.R Rahman, Maati Baani, Local artists from Bhuj, popular Bhajankars and Geetkars."
He has taught jodiya pawa to students from France, Canada, America, etc. Due to the lockdown, he has no live shows and is at home from the past 3-4 months with a very meagre income from Auto driving. 

Supporting him is Maati Baani consisting of Hindustani vocalist Nirali Kartik and award-winning Composer/Music producer Kartik Shah. Together both Nirali and Kartik have collaborated with more than 200 musicians across the globe from 30 countries including Inner Mongolia, Israel, USA and many countries from Europe. 

Maati Baani’s sound is a mix of India’s rare folklore and classical music with the blend of funk and blues. Nirali’s Hindustani roots and Kartik’s nomadic vision has given the bands its distinct folk-pop sound. India has a rich musical heritage - from the great maestros of Indian classical to the vernacular poetry, India has a lot to offer in terms of music. Maati Baani's sound is rooted in musical traditions of India in a way that the audience across the globe can relate to and enjoy. 

They have been substantial in discovering folk musicians from interior villages of India and making them a part of their live set. They feature voices singing in Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi and Rajasthani languages, making it a diverse linguistic experience. 

The core of their sound is rooted in Indian Classical and Indian Folk but their music speaks to a global audience making them one of most popular fusion acts from India with an enormous digital following. They are amongst the first artists to collaborate with musicians over the internet. Their innovative thinking and inclusive approach have made them speak and perform on global platforms like TED and INK. 

Siddhartha Chaturvedi - Founder and Director of Taalbelia said, "It was an excellent debut for us with our first live Weekend jam. It was thrilling to be very honest to see the response and support we received and most importantly the love that the viewers showered on the initiative and the artist. We were able to generate a sizable amount of donations for our artist which will help them survive for the next few months. I have a great deal of respect for the musical roots and cultures of our land and that is what keeps the fire burning inside when it comes to doing my bit in supporting this community."

"As promised we will come up with something new and exciting every week for the viewers, this week we are raising funds for Noor Mohammad Sodha, in support with this extraordinarily brilliant duo of Maati Baani who have made a global impact of there new Indian sound, spearheading a genre of their own," he added.

Join in to experience some great music and stories by our next set of artists going live on the 25th July’ 2020, Saturday at 7:00 PM with the MAatibaani in collaboration with Noor Mohammad Sodha from Kutch. 

Plug in, Support and Donate for every contribution matters to us.

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