RPG Group Launches ‘Hues of Happiness’ Art Collection

RPG Group merges Art and workspace to promote employees' emotional wellness.


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RPG Group launched the “Hues of Happiness” Art Collection, an artistic initiative that promotes employees' emotional well-being through Art displays at its offices.

Supported by the RPG Art Foundation, this initiative promotes accessible Indian art while building a work culture that fosters creativity and happiness among employees. The 'Hues of Happiness' collection embodies the connection between art and happiness.

A recent study by McKinsey Health Institute revealed a 70% global employee burnout rate. Recent research on Generation Z conducted by the RPG Group has revealed that Gen Z employees find solace in therapeutic art forms like painting and drawing.

RPG Group offers free access to mental health practitioners through a partnership with Juno Clinic. Additionally, the Group's LGBTQIA+ and Partners Benefits Policy aims to foster equal opportunities and a safe workplace while nurturing a resilient workforce.

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