Pitch CMO Summit – Delhi Edition: Experts delve deeper into ‘Reimagining Purpose in A Tech-Enabled World’

The Summit, on June 14, witnessed the coming together of industry heads and experts under one roof to discuss their game-changing success stories


The exchange4media Group hosted the Delhi edition of its flagship property - Pitch CMO Summit on Wednesday, June 14. Pitch CMO Summit 2023 - Delhi Edition brought together India’s most reputed brands and their top management to interact and share insights on their game-changing success stories under one roof. Driving the theme, ‘Reimagining Purpose in A Tech-Enabled World’, the Pitch

CMO Summit witnessed collaborative, immersive and thought-provoking sessions, fireside chats and panel discussions by top industry heads and brand leaders. The conference assembled some of the most dynamic leaders in the brand community, leading to dynamic conversations.

With the digital revolution and technological advancements, integrating brand purpose and evolving technologies are key factors for success. While price, product, and customer experience are key attributes in consumer consideration, a well-defined purpose can be the critical differentiator while making the final purchase decision. The conference is Co-Powered by Times Network while Zoom and WebEngage are the Co-Gold Partners, Kantar and Radio City are the Associate Partners. The Co-partner for the summit is Teads while Spotify is the Celebratory Partner. Lemma is the lounge Partner for the summit.

Bringing in a blend of expertise in the digital healthcare segment and marketing prowess, Deepak Sahni, Founder and CEO, Healthians delivered the keynote address at the Pitch CMO Summit. In his keynote session during the Summit, Sahni shared the journey of Healthians, a diagnostics company founded in 2014, which evolved its purpose over the years from making money to preventing people from landing in hospitals and encouraging healthy living. “Leveraging digital while building brands and running campaigns is important but one should not forget the human touch. With the advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Chat GPT and all the world is changing much faster. So, we kept evolving and innovating. We are the first ones in India to have Smart Reports which ensure you don’t have to go to Google after you get your report. It talks about all possible diagnoses based on the results in your report,” he said.

In a fireside chat with Vivek Malhotra, India Today, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer - Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki shared valuable insights on customer-centricity, brand building, and digital transformation. The summit also had a spotlight session by Vikram Garga, Group Head, Marketing - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres, who shared insights on the topic ‘Apollo Tyres: Building A Responsible &  Sustainable Business’. During a fireside chat with e4m Principal Editor Shantanu David, Himanashu Chakrawarti, Chief Executive Officer, Snapdeal shed insights on the topic ‘Creating A Value-Driven Marketplace for Bharat.’ Snapdeal’s marketing prowess is the ultimate checkout champion, delivering e-commerce ecstasy with a swipe and a smile. At the summit, Chakrawarti shared how Snapdeal had evolved over the years, keeping pace with an ever-growing value market. “Almost 90-95% of the next 200-250 million shoppers will come from the value segment and therefore, we embarked on this journey of creating this destination for a value lifestyle”, he elaborated.

During a spotlight session at the Pitch CMO Summit, Soumya Mohanty, Managing Director & Chief Client Officer - Insights Division, Kantar, spoke about how marketers believe that they get all the insights on their own when monitoring social media or visiting a few retailers. “Purpose simply is the reason why your brand exists and it is the impact that you seek to have in the lives of your consumers. So, it is not necessarily about doing something for a social cause. It can just be delivering excellent high quality, consistent service which can just be about high-quality products that make life simpler. As long as we are clear on that and as long as that is consistently felt by our consumers, they will believe that the brand has a purpose, she remarked.

 At the summit, Murali Krishnan, Co-founder and CMO, WOW! Momos took the audience through a food adventure and on a flavourful journey of innovation, taste, and pure momo-mania! During a fireside chat with Ruhail Amin, Senior Editor, exchange4media, Krishnan shared the growth of WOW! Momos over the years and their success story of having over 300 outlets across 17 cities in India.

Rahul Singh, Director - Business Development, The Trade Desk shared insights on the topic ‘Opportunity in the Open Internet’ during a spotlight session at the Pitch CMO Summit on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Rajeev Jain, Vice President - Corporate Marketing, DS Group engaged with the audience in another spotlight session on the topic ‘Cultural Marketing For Building Successful Brands’.

Anand Bala, Head of Commercials & SMB - India & SAARC, Zoom, spoke about Zoom’s working model and shared insights on the topic ‘Bring Your Brand To Life With Zoom’ “Zoom works on a model that makes it easy to use, driving examples of UPI transactions and their reachability, he said at the Pitch CMO Summit. “The key aspect here is continuing to have that human touch. To be able to continue to have that interaction in a virtual world by providing the functionality to say three or four people together so that they can interact in that virtual environment and in a hybrid environment or both ways”, he said.

The Pitch CMO Summit also had impressive and impactful panel discussions with industry heads and experts. With the evolving digital landscape, marketers need to be agile and innovative to stay ahead of time and gain an edge over their competitors. In the first panel, the panellists discussed ‘Marketing in the era of technological disruption’ and decode the various elements of it. The session was moderated by Avik Chattopadhyay, Co-founder & Partner, Expereal and the panel members were Ashish Tiwari, Chief Marketing Officer, Home Credit India, Charu Malhotra Bhatia, Vice President - Marketing, Hindware Limited, Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, Noise, Mukesh Ghuraiya, Chief Marketing Officer, Modi Naturals, Sachin Vashishtha, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Marketing Officer,

The second panel discussion at the Pitch CMO Summit 2023 - Delhi Edition was held on ‘Leveraging customer data and personalisation for purpose-driven marketing’. In this fast-paced world, leveraging customer data and personalisation is crucial for developing purpose-driven marketing strategies that resonate with the audience. The panellists shed insights on the various aspects, scope and challenges of using data and personalisation for brand-building in this discussion. The panellists were Deepinder Singh, Vice President of Marketing, Pristyn Care, Esha Nagar, Managing Director, Nepa Apac, Ishwindar Singh, General Manager - Marketing, Pernod Ricard India, Joydeep Mukherjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Adda52, Madhur Acharya, Vice President, E-Commerce, Lenskart, Sumeet Singh, Group CMO, Info Edge. The Session Was Moderated by Tanisha Doshi, Director - Growth & Strategy, WebEngage.

Another panel discussion on the ‘Customer Experience Strategies For A Tech-enabled World’ was taken up by experts including Eiti Singhal, Chief Marketing Officer, Vega, Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy, Transformation And Marketing Officer, Luminous, Priyanka Sethi, Director & Head Of Marketing, Haier India, Shamik Banerjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo 24x7. The panel was moderated by Vani Gupta Dandia, Founder, Cherrypeachplum Growth Partners. In todays tech- enabled world, brands need to create customer experience strategies that leverage technology to meet customers; needs and expectations. This involves identifying key touchpoints throughout the customer journey. In this engaging discussion, the panellists delved into the diverse facets, opportunities, and hurdles of leveraging customer experience for brand development.

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