Palette Art Gallery To Host Solo Exhibition Of Artist Prasad KP

The exhibition features his recent paintings of various sizes that mainly engage with landscapes and rustic life


As a part of its contemporary art exhibitions, Palette Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition of artist Prasad KP at Palette Art Gallery from 13 October to 7 November 2022. The exhibition features his recent paintings of various sizes that mainly engage with landscapes and rustic life. Prasad is known for his rich detailing of lush forests, vivid colors of the topography and the meticulous depiction of miniature figures using the medium of watercolor. In this solo, exhibition Palette has featured his works that range from different sizes and exclusively deal in the images of landscapes. These landscapes are inspired by Prasad’s surroundings and experiences in Kerala. 

According to the artist, “As a person who hails from a rural place of Kerala, the imageries of my works are drawn from the purity and beauty of the village. The peasant life of my family enriched me with a culture which is rooted in nature. My house is surrounded by lush vegetation and an atmosphere filled with the songs of birds and squirrels. Dogs, cattle, and chickens live in harmony as an extension of the family. The paddy fields, mountains and rivers are very much a part of the life and they all together shaped my aesthetic perspective. The narrative elements in the works are intending to explore the interrelationship of everything in nature and thus reminding an ancient dictum of the Indian sages “Vasudhaiva kudumbakam”, the whole cosmos is a single family, according to them all entities in this universe is a manifestation of one life energy.” 

The exhibition will open on 8th October and will remain available for viewing till 7th November 2022. As a society we are dealing with the harmful effects of climate change in various parts of the world. It is at such a crucial situation Prasad’s images invite us to relook at the importance of forests, an alternative life that is rooted in the community instead of individualism and the organic harmony of the forests that accommodates diverse forms of life. In these paintings Prasad has also incorporated figures and architectures from the regional contexts and folklores specifically from Kerala. The show is a romantic appeal of the artist to relook at nature with more passion and intimate engagement.

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