Our Strategies Prioritise Crafting A Distinct Brand Identity For Each Product

Read this exclusive interview with Sanjiv Anand, Chairman & Investor, East Side Distillery as he delves into the competitive spirits market and East Side Distillery's approach to standing out


East Side Distillery's innovative partnerships and diverse product lines have garnered significant attention. In this exclusive interview with Sanjiv Anand, Chairman & Investor, East Side Distillery, learn about the company’s collaboration with a Japanese distillery, its latest product offerings, and its sustainable approach to production. Discover how the brand is navigating the competitive spirits market and its visionary outlook on the future of the industry.


Your collaboration with a Japanese distillery is intriguing. Could you share more about this partnership and its influence on your gin production?

Our pioneering endeavour with the 90-year-old Japanese distillery in Wakayama, Japan, facilitated the creation of DOJA, the world's first award-winning Indo-Japanese gin. This collaboration allowed us to tap into their rich legacy, bringing a fusion of cultures and craftsmanship. Their nuanced techniques, coupled with our commitment to innovation, have been pivotal in shaping the character of our gin products.

East Side Distillery recently introduced Portal Gin and Nomad Oscuro Dark Rum. What sets these products apart from your previous offerings?

Following DOJA Gin's international acclaim, we ventured into expanding our portfolio with Portal Gin and Nomad Oscuro Dark Rum. Portal, with its meticulous selection of botanicals, is a gateway to sensory exploration. On the other hand, Nomad Oscuro is an ode to wanderlust, fusing aged Indian rum with Japanese Hinoki and a Jamaican barrel finish. Both spirits encapsulate our dedication to craft, innovation, and unique flavours.

Could you shed light on the distillation process used in your Goa-based distillery?

Our Goa distillery employs a renowned German Holstein Still, known for its precision. It is overseen by Victor De Benito, our Head Distiller and a member of several international organisations such as The Gin Guild and the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD). He is also a Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) teacher. We have been using a single-shot process which is used by leading gin craft spirit companies globally. This process ensures that a complex gin like ours has not only a unique taste but also an excellent bouquet.

In a competitive market, what marketing and branding strategies have you employed to promote your craft spirits effectively?

Our strategies prioritise crafting a distinct brand identity for each product. For our gins, our branding is young, targeting younger audiences that are open to experimentation. In the digital age, we harness the power of online marketing and social platforms. We emphasise on-trade activations with bars & restaurants, presenting food pairings that accentuate our spirits. Additionally, our immersive Goa distillery tour and masterclass, led by Victor De Benito, present an unparalleled experiential outreach.

Sustainability is increasingly important in the spirits industry. How does East Side Distillery approach sustainability in its production processes?

Sustainability stands central to our ethos. We continually strive to minimise our ecological footprint from sourcing ingredients to our production processes. We're exploring sustainable packaging, waste management, and energy-efficient operations. As the industry evolves, we are committed to being at the forefront of sustainable practices.

In your opinion, what trends do you foresee for the craft spirits industry in India and globally, and how is East Side Distillery positioned to adapt to these changes?

In India and globally, the craft spirits industry is witnessing a trend towards authentic experiences and unique flavour profiles. Consumers are veering towards brands with a story and a commitment to craftsmanship. East Side Distillery, with its Asian heart and Indian spirit, is perfectly poised to ride this wave, offering world-class products that resonate with evolving consumer tastes.

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