Networking 2.0 – Opportunity to grow in the new normal: Geetika Bangia, Phillips India

Technology has flattened the communication and networking hierarchy as it allows us to communicate in the ways which just didn’t exist few years back writes Geetika Bangia, Lead – PR & Corporate Communications, Phillips India Ltd.


“I am not comfortable with this networking and all”, we hear this most of the times from executives and professionals. For most of us, networking remains at the lowest priority in our to-do lists. Reasons could be many – swarming calendars, family obligations and rest are homebodies. And now with this BIG PAUSE, which these extraordinary times have exposed us to, networking has become a total out of the scope territory for most of us. We still feel that networking is hard and somewhat insubstantial. But now is the time when you need to network the most, trust me.

Current scenarios have taught us that face-to-face time is no longer a given, we can and should take advantage of virtual networking opportunities. Technology has flattened the communication and networking hierarchy as it allows us to communicate in the ways which just didn’t exist few years back.

Virtual networking has its own set of challenges, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t meet new people and nurture existing relationships. Few tips and tricks which can help you to acclimatize to Networking 2.0:

1. Schedule your routine calendar – we all have compelling responsibilities and easily put-off Networking until and unless we prioritize it. Schedule yourself to spend time on LinkedIn. Send more targeted emails and set up a separate time for networking calls.

2. Check in with your colleagues – Be the first one to take initiative to touch base with your colleagues from whom you haven’t heard for a while. A quick video call or a phone chat will be a good start to catch up.

3. Knock into professional associations – In an all virtual aptitude, professional associations are a great resource for building and strengthening connections. Take advantage of webinars and virtual social events.

4. Never say ‘NO’ to virtual networking events – When invited, make sure you make time to attend them. Don’t just log in and sit inaudibly, prepare in advance, participate, ask questions, make comments and make your presence feel. And most importantly, identify participants whom you would like to meet in person, follow up and connect with them.

5. Create an online Networking platform – Reach out to your network of like-minded contacts, create an online networking group. Host virtual meetings to discuss issues, share experiences, exchange ideas to help each other, strive for better.

Embrace the change! We are in this together making the best out of it in these abnormal times. We need to follow physical distancing and not social distancing. Technology provides you with the best right now to help you Network at your best.

Happy Virtual Networking!

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