Navigating The Post Covid-19 Marketing Landscape: A Quick Guide For Logistics Service Providers- Sandeep Juneja

Sandeep Juneja, VP - Sales & Marketing, DHL Express lists the top takeaways that marketers in the logistics space must be mindful of when communicating with customers.


Covid-19 is an unprecedented event and unlike anything, we have experienced before, making social distancing a present day buzzword. However, this in no way implies that social distancing translates to customer distancing. In fact, it has become more essential now than ever to be connected with our customers as we all get into the groove of this new normal.

Brands must recognize and lay emphasis upon three key aspects amidst this time- agility, sensitivity and innovation. Today customers are increasingly looking to brands which are catering to their demands in line with this new normal whilst also upholding high safety standards.

This has had a positive impact on brands that have come to realize that their customers are seeking a safety-first approach across purchases. Therefore making it essential for us as service providers to re-align our consumer propositions to the need of the hour, this is sensible communications.

Here are the top takeaways that marketers in the logistics space must be mindful of when communicating with customers:

Adopt An Empathetic Approach:

What a brand must realize is that a health crisis is not a marketing opportunity. It is essential that we get off our selling horses and sincerely embrace empathy. Amidst this global crisis, one can be compassionate with customers by simply maintaining consistent two-way communication with them to understand their concerns and work with them towards solving it. Go an extra mile to be accessible to them at all times through varied channels of communications and allot special task forces for critical shipments.

Channelize Optimism:

This pandemic is unlike any situation any of us have been through, leaving individuals and businesses confused amidst chaos and uncertain of what the future holds. The negative emotional context of pandemics means that people apply various mood reparation strategies. This is where brands must step in and set an optimistic yet real tonality. They will become more receptive to positive and cheerful stimuli, which will help drive their attention away from the negative implications of the situation. However, remember to paint a realistic picture.

While SMEs have taken a major hit in their businesses over the past six months, keeping them motivated and educated will help them scale their businesses to new heights in a post Covid-19 era.

Improvise & Personalize:

Keeping with the nature of the pandemic, the market is in a constant state of change and fluctuation. As a result, each region will be at a different stage of dealing with this crisis. At such a time it is essential for us as supply chain experts to customize and innovate in our communications across regions and do away with the age-old ‘One size fits all’ method.

In supply chains, the demand and lockdown restrictions will differ from region to region, basis which one must customize their communications and campaigns.

Optimize The Use Of Available Channels:

While marketing budgets have evidently taken a hit, remember that this is the time to not just leverage but also optimize free channels. The focus should be more on driving upper funnel metrics such as awareness & consideration through your chosen channels which can include e-mailers, social media content, captive website traffic, blogs, shipping tools, app notifications and chat bots to name a few.

While in the current situation, uncertainty is our only reality, it is essential for us as marketers to remain one-step ahead of the curve at all times. It is necessary for us to be on top of our game and ensure that we are agile & nimble enough to move with the changing times and demands of our customers.

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