My win is symbolic too as it shows the rising clout of regional agencies: Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary, EEMA

This is Siddhartha Chaturvedis’ first interview after winning the elections recently.


We have often read about the importance of regional markets. So what happens when a member of a regional body assumes a pan India post? It definitely showcases the rising clout of the regional agencies, which for long have complained about being under represented at a national level.

The coming to power of Siddhartha Chaturvedi as General Secretary, EEMA underlines the growing clout of the regional agencies. 

In this exclusive interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Chaturvedi spoke about his vision for EEMA and more.


You assume office at a time which is very challenging. How do you see this?

It's time to take up the new responsibility. We are really in a bad situation and unfortunately it is not improving. Our businesses are not moving and work is not happening on the ground. We ideally do not want to waste any further time and need to work towards getting the normal times back for our industry. We need to knock a lot of doors for this and showcase to the stakeholders how we can conduct relatively safer events.

Tell us about your vision and the initiatives that you plan to undertake?

A lot of hard work has gone into making EEMA what it is today. The first phase was bringing the whole community together, and previous leaders have done a tremendous job. 

This is from where we need to take on, and we have a perfect platform set for us. Collectively we need to bring back the industry to normalcy. We need to create SOPs for various kinds of events and showcase it to stakeholders like the government, clients, venues and hotels. Conducting workshops for our employees, vendor partners to let them know how to work and conduct events during COVID times. We need to focus on skill development and re-skilling.

Also, we should definitely put together a COVID task force within EEMA. I had also mentioned this in my agenda. The task force should work in formats like representing the SOPs and making people believe that we can do safe events. There needs to be high government engagement from here on. A solid and permanent dialogue needs to start with the government.

What will you attribute your win to?

I think members saw honesty in me as my whole agenda was very clear. My presentation resonated well with the members. Earlier I have been contributing to EEMA as a member and I believe I come with less political baggage. All these aspects were considered by members who voted for me.

How do you see your win from the perspective of regional representation?

My win is symbolic too as it shows the rising clout of regional agencies. They feel that now we will have the right representation. We need to look beyond and look at various regions as areas of growth. My goal externally would be to take EEMA to these 100 towns which are the growth drivers of our economy. 

What is your message to all the EEMA members who have high expectations from the new leadership?

Every member needs to take time out so that we can be a collective voice. If you think the government will come and help us on its own, that is not going to happen till the time we really voice our concerns. We need to look at the collective cause right now.

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