Mumbai Pride March 2024 Returns After 4 Years

On the evening of 3 February, 2024, the Mumbai Pride March made a vibrant return to midtown Mumbai after a four-year hiatus, starting from August Kranti Maidan in Tardeo


As per media reports, after a four-year hiatus, the Mumbai Pride March triumphantly reclaimed the streets of midtown Mumbai on the evening of 3 February, 2024. Kicking off from August Kranti Maidan in Tardeo, the march traversed through Nana Chowk, Lamington Road, Opera House, Kennedy Bridge, and concluded at the initial starting point.

Police permissions and pandemic challenges had previously halted the parade, which has been a symbolic expression of equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities in the city since 2005.

“Today is a day of reflection for the cis-het community. There is so much that some get without asking, all of which is denied to the queer community - the right to marry, the right to adopt, the right to live a discrimination free life. Despite the milestone of overturning Section 377, it’s history. Until even one queer person in our city is unable to live their lives as their authentic selves we have reason to take to the streets,” mentioned queer rights advocate Harish Iyer.

In the current year, the parade saw active involvement from groups championing diverse causes beyond LGBTQ+ rights. “We aimed to spotlight the lesser-known intersections of other rights and causes with queer rights be it the deaf community or animal rights organisations,” explained Iyer. While passing through designated silent areas, the parade respectfully hushed in tribute to those who succumbed to queer phobia.

Merging festivities with a call for change, supporters advocated for fundamental rights such as marriage equality and adoption. They pressed for the implementation of strong anti-discrimination and anti-violence laws, the formation of welfare boards and councils to protect transgender rights, and urged an end to the stigma and discrimination faced by individuals living with HIV.

In anticipation of the march, a month-long series of activities, including workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, book readings, and discussions involving families, colleagues, journalists, and counsellors, paved the way for meaningful dialogue and education. Diverse performances, ranging from a drag ball to a youth festival, delved into the transformative influence of art in fostering respect across gender and sexual norms.

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