Mastering MICE: A Conversation With Somesh Agarwal, Chairman And MD, Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, Udaipur

Read this exclusive interview with Somesh Agarwal as he delves into the inner workings of the establishment and its commitment to providing customers with a hyper-personalised experience


In the heart of Udaipur's historic splendour stands the Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, a regal abode that seamlessly blends timeless tradition with modern luxury. 

EE recently spoke to Somesh Agarwal, the Chairman and Managing Director of this establishment, to unravel the secrets behind the resort's enchanting allure. 


Udaipur is known for its rich cultural heritage and tourism. How does your resort contribute to enhancing the visitor experience in this historical city?

Udaipur holds a prominent position on the global tourism map. The city is known for its pristine lakes and rich cultural heritage. The mere mention of Udaipur and our property certainly tops the list. The palace adds to the city’s grandeur and vibrancy. With the right combination of traditional, royal architecture, contemporary décor, palatial amenities, alluring views, one-of-its-kind experiences and top-notch hospitality, we strive to enhance visitor’s experiences.

What sets Radisson Blu Palace apart from other luxury resorts in Udaipur, and what unique experiences can guests expect?

Our property is strategically located, offering our guests breathtaking views of Fateh Sagar Lake. Its close proximity to the popular city attractions helps tourists explore the city conveniently. We take pride in having one of the largest pillarless ballrooms in the region, which gives us the edge to organise events of all kinds, ranging from MICE events, corporate meets and employee off-sites to intimate celebrations, weddings and other related ceremonies seamlessly. The multipurpose, spacious indoor and outdoor event spaces with mesmerising views make the perfect spot for hosting majestic sundowner weddings and other special occasions. Understanding that customers today have specific requirements and clearly communicate their demands, we ensure to give them nothing but the best. Through our personalised approach, attention to detail and global-quality hospitality, we aim to surpass our guests’ expectations, provide them with lavish experiences and ensure their stay with us is not just a trip but a wholesome event with memories they can cherish forever.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the hospitality industry, what is the sector looking like in a post-pandemic world?

Covid-19 was one of the unfortunate incidents that affected the entire globe. Businesses across sectors had to bear the brunt, and the hospitality industry was one of the most impacted markets. Occupancy rates, average daily rate, and revenue per available room witnessed a significant decline at the time, impacting both revenues and supply chains. However, as the situation started resuming normalcy, the hospitality players were prompt in analysing the operational and financial impact and started working to upturn the situation. The segment realised the importance of constant innovation to meet the evolving needs of customers. Consequently, trends like workcations, business-leisure travelling, hyper-personalisation, and the rise of the digital era are shaping the industry landscape today. Hygiene protocols have become the priority for the hospitality players and they are willing to do all it takes to earn customer loyalty and fulfil their demands.

Sustainability and responsible tourism are becoming increasingly important. Could you tell us about the resort's sustainability initiatives and commitment to the local community?

Modern travellers are well aware and are extremely conscious and concerned about the environment. Hence, over the period of time, the concept of sustainability has become of paramount importance in the tourism industry as well. In fact, this is an important focus area for us as well. We are committed to reducing environmental damage and protecting Mother Nature in all ways possible. This is why, at the property, we utilise renewable energy sources like solar panels with the sole aim of minimising carbon footprints. We also prioritise water conservation and have established efficiency systems and guest awareness programs to promote the same. Moreover, we actively engage in waste management and recycling efforts to reduce environmental impact. We strongly feel initiatives like these will go a long way in contributing to the preservation of Rajasthan’s grandeur while rendering a positive influence on the social and economic development of the areas in proximity to the palace.

How does your resort cater to guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation during their stay?

We strive to provide a luxurious and memorable stay to our guests. Offering comfortable and lavish rooms, top-notch hospitality, and modern amenities is the first step in the process. However, we are in the era of customisation and personalisation. Hence, we tailor our services to cater to our guests’ expectations. Their wish is our command and we fulfil their demands in the best possible way.

Our in-house F&B outlets spoil them with options for both authentic regional food and sumptuous global cuisines and provide them with high-end culinary experiences. The two-tier grand pool is the perfect spot for taking a lap, sunbathing and relaxing amid the peaceful environment while savouring delectable appetizers and sipping a wide array of beverages. The poolside bar is the ideal venue for night parties where guests can let loose. Additionally, we have created a dedicated spa zone where we offer recreational experiences that can also be personalised on special request. Guests can indulge in signature therapeutic treatments and unwind from exhaustion after city exploration and shopping.

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