Many venues in Mumbai but none with more personality than Dome: Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome

This year in September The Activation Venues Forum marked the congregation of experience activists to address the concerns regarding suitable venues. At this juncture, where experiential venues are important and scarce, Dome, at NSCI Mumbai with its 100,000 sq. ft, area, is on several event planners’ radar. Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome@NSCI, shares some salient features of the Dome, which is a beginning for his vision to create a venue for India, iconic to the extent that Dome becomes synonymous when you think of the city, state, then country.


Q) How would you describe Dome to somebody who has never been there?
A) Dome @ NSCI, Mumbai’s largest indoor stadium situated at Worli has been projected as a premium property, first of its kind which gives utmost importance to luxury, comfort and innovation providing a theatre like experience to our visitors. Dome gives customers a chance to live memorable experiences by providing entertainment for people of all age groups through curated events that transcend different genres.

Q) What makes Dome an experiential venue?
A) There are many Indoor venues in Mumbai City, but none have more personality than the Dome. The venue breathes life into customers experience by providing a completely unforgettable to exceptional experience. DOME is a long-standing commitment to excellence which always resonates with patrons who won't hesitate to spend money on quality. We all know that ticket sales are driven by the talent, but customer’s money is spent for an experience and Dome offers that experience.

Q) What does Dome have to offer that differentiates it from other venues?
A) Being an indoor arena, it saves people from breathing in the dust, being affected by the weather conditions and lack of food options. Dome has maintained International standards in terms of various infrastructural facilities like enhanced acoustics of the arena, comfortable seating arrangements, Italian make air conditioning, array of F&B services and many more. It is the only venue in Mumbai which offers load bearing ceilings which has tremendous support as well as flexibility for stage designs and technical requirements. The rigging on the ceiling helps the set up to be arranged quickly. The power distribution process enabled helps you plug and play from anywhere in the arena rather than having cables which land up being placed on the ground in such a manner that they fall in the way of peoples paths. Broadband friendly Dome performs better than satellite venue connectivity installed across cities. Dome has the best lighting, sound and video vendors on their panel while they also have an in house Pyro and VFX department.

Q) What are the specific dimensions of Dome? What is the magnitude of crowd it can host?
A) Dome has an area of 100000 sq. ft. with pillar less area of 35000 sq. ft. which can accommodate a capacity of approximately 8000 visitors

Q) What events is Dome particularly made for?
A) Dome has hosted a variety of high profile events like ‘The Beauty and the beast broadway musical’, ‘Star Sports Kabaddi League’ ‘YouTube fan fest’ and many more. Dome Musically Yours, an initiative by dome has hosted Arijit Singh musical nights twice and the Sufi Night with Radio Mirchi. It caters to visitors enjoying different genres and does not restrict it to a particular kind of event. The venue is open for all and for all kind of events.

Q) What about smaller events? Do you let out parts of the venue?
A) Dome has always maintained the fact that they cater to people of all age groups and preferences and all events irrespective of size or stature of the event. Dome is not only a venue provider to high profile events but also a venue that organises private and family functions like wedding reception, sangeets and much more. Dome has an area of 100000 sq. cm with pillar less area of 35000 sq. cm which can accommodate up to 8000 visitors. The floor plan is designed in an extremely flexible manner that it can cater to as low as 300 all the way up to 8000 people, depending on the requirement of the event.

Q) What has been, for you, the most memorable event held in Dome?
A) Undisputedly Disney’s Broadway Musical Beauty and the Beast. This was India’s first ever broadway style musical of international standards. We supported it with the venue and the production. The learning was amazing. It is a spectacular stage musical. The seating at Dome was redesigned completely keeping the musical in mind.

Q) What is the role of an event space in making the event exceptional?
A) Amenities that can be offered for tech support, the readymade infrastructure available, for example interiors stage and electrical supply, emergency indoor outdoor provision, venues parking and other facilities. Location too is an important factor depending on the kind of event and which target audience it caters too. Goodwill and equity of the venue is an important aspect.

Dome also drives a wholesome experience by streamlined ticketing process. Dome Ticketing is a banner under which Dome supports and handles the ticketing of events, which allows a direct link to Book My Show for the client making it easily accessible and visible.

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