Mansion House Launches New Brand Proposition "A Warm Welcome"

Mansion House launches integrated digital campaign “A Warm Welcome” aimed at diversity and inclusivity


Tilaknagar Industries' flagship brand, Mansion House, has launched a new brand proposition titled "A Warm Welcome." Marking its first-ever integrated digital campaign, Mansion House aims to usher in a new revolution by fostering a strong sense of shared humanity.

Conceptualized by StoryBoats, the campaign was unveiled through a ninety-second digital video commercial (DVC) that features a scene showing an army officer reuniting with her family in the northeast. Another scene shows a stranded musician being helped by a couple. And in the third scene, a troubled young man is comforted by an elderly gentleman.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity and inclusivity through purposeful actions, challenging conventional stereotypes, and advocating for equal and diverse representation in society.

Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola, Chief Marketing Officer at Tilaknagar Industries, expressed excitement about the campaign's launch, highlighting its mission to empower consumers to create lasting memories through simple acts of kindness.

"The opportunity to craft the communication strategy of 'A Warm Welcome' has been an incredible journey for us as a storytelling company.” Said Antony Rajkumar, CEO and Founder of StoryBoats, expressing that the campaign goes beyond being just a film and offers a glimpse into a world of transformative welcomes that embrace humanity in its entirety.

The campaign has been rolled out strategically in key target markets of the South. The brand, with its marketing efforts coupled with a hyperlocal influencer amplification campaign, is determined to reach a large audience and leave an impressionable mark.

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