Mahindra I-Rock Returns For Its 29th Edition In November 2023

Registrations for the festival taking place at Bayview Lawns, Mumbai on the 4th and 5th of November are now open


Mahindra Independence Rock (I-Rock) is once again making its way to Mumbai in November. The festival will be held at Mumbai’s Bayview Lawns on the 4th and 5th of November, 2023.

Farhad Wadia, Founder of Independence Rock, said, “Since the 80s, the festival has provided a platform to launch careers of several huge names in the rock fraternity, and it has sparked an everlasting spirit among rockers across India. This stage is where it all began! Mahindra I-Rock is not just a festival; it has become a meaningful movement. And movements never die - they are recorded in history. They not only continue to inspire future generations but are also reborn over and over. Mahindra I-Rock is one such movement that I hope continues to inspire the new gen to express themselves uninhibitedly through rock and live on.”

The festival will see a confluence of genres and languages and a collision of energies from death metal and thrash influences, a fusion of rock and reggae, and 80s style glam metal to the blend of Indian classical and folk sounds of the mridangam and flute with guitar riffs and pulsating drums - Mahindra I-Rock will dig deeper into Indian Rock music subcultures. Mahindra I-Rock, in its 29th edition, will feature new and aspiring artists in the genre with “Tomorrow’s Headliners”.

Jay Shah, Vice President of Cultural Outreach at Mahindra Group, said, “We look forward to beginning the Mahindra Season of Festivals 2023-24 with Mahindra Independence Rock. It has been a pleasure to be able to revive this iconic festival, and we were heartened by the love shown by Mumbai last year. The Indian rock scene is waiting to be tapped, and this festival aims to present India’s incredible talent while simultaneously nurturing an appreciation for this genre in our youth.”

VG Jairam - Founder of Hyperlink Brand Solutions, mentioned, “Multidimensional storytelling, creating cultural movements, and being the bridge between consumers and culture is at the core of Hyperlink. We are expanding on this by once again partnering with Farhad Wadia and the Mahindra Group to bring back Mahindra I-Rock, which is not just a rock festival but a cultural lifestyle movement in itself. After a successful sold-out show last year, I am looking forward to the newest edition which promises to be grander in all aspects and give both artists and the attendees an experience, unlike any other editions of Mahindra I-Rock.”

This edition of the festival promises to be a celebration of rock music with a focus on diversity and new-age talent. Registrations for the festival are now open on the website and Instagram page.

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